How a Busy Mom can create a Halloween Party for Adults too!

How a Busy Mom can create a Halloween Party for Adults too!

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Halloween is not just a time for kids, but adults too. With all, that modern moms have to keep up with a party might feel like a nightmare to pull off. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, and stressful. There are things that can be done with a bit of planning, inspiration, and one stop to make your Halloween Party a great event with wonderful fun memories for kids and adults!

How a Busy Mom can create a Halloween Party for Adults too!

A simple Halloween Party with Two Spaces for Kids and Adults is priceless.

First, plan your space! Adults need some time off but if you try to have a party that isn’t welcoming to kids then chances are a lot of your parenting friends are not going to be able to attend. Parents though need and deserve a break. A simple gift you give your parenting friends and yourself is to plan 2 party areas in your home. One area will be focused on kids, and the other for adults! To pull this off, having an upstairs for kids or a playroom is great! This might seem like more work but it really isn’t. Adult drinks and party food are in one place and the kids in another. Both groups will appreciate having their own special spaces.

Getting a Baby Sitter for your party so all your friends feel like they can come to your Halloween Party is such a treat!

The second part is having babysitters/kids host for the kids. I learned this tip from another Mom many years ago and it was darn near magical. This can be your standard sitter or an older teenager that would like to make a little cash. Getting a sitter for your party is priceless. You know if you don’t that you will be so focused on the kids that you don’t get to enjoy the company that chances are needs adult conversation.

A simple plan for Halloween Party Food for busy moms!

Food is the third part.

How a Busy Mom can create a Halloween Party for Adults too!

You could spend days and hours trying to be Pinterest perfect and clever and risk getting burned out (or even worse spending money on a recipe design that flops). We need to go with the wisdom our Moms had for parties, go simple, delicious, and cute. Buy as much of the food already made as you can. With some cute containers and a simple twist, you can make your table Halloween themed in no time at all!

This Halloween food table has Hillshire Farm® Cocktail Sausages as “guts”…

How a Busy Mom can create a Halloween Party for Adults too!

@BallParkBrand Hot Dogs as bloody fingers…

How a Busy Mom can create a Halloween Party for Adults too!

State Fair® Mini Corn Dog, drinks with fake cherry flavored blood and eyeball ice cubes, with @TysonFoods Chicken Fingers in the back!

How a Busy Mom can create a Halloween Party for Adults too!

The one place to go for all your Halloween Party Decorations.

Decorations are the fourth part to pulling off this Halloween Party for friends and family that adults will love too. You don’t have to make everything yourself. The brilliance of this party is that you go to one store, I went to Walmart, and get everything you need to buy in one stop! Isles on isles of decorations I just had to put up and everyone who saw it loved it. Little did they know, it took me 20 minutes to decorate and get food on the table! The meal and decorations are so simple and stress-free to do that your kids can help too. Low cost, easy to buy, and simple to put up a Halloween Party.

Entertainment is the last component of your party! You can have a movie party for the kids and sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime make this so easy to find a kid-friendly Halloween movie. Put some pillow and blankets and purple twinkle lights and bat lights and it can be a great experience! If the party goes long, kids can fall asleep! For adults, we love to be social and that is why we go to parties. You don’t have to stress about entertaining them! Have Pandora or another app your trust for music deal with the music playlist! As we are geeks we plan board games and card games and these we already have and friends and family bring more. The party runs itself and you, Busy Mom, can actually enjoy your party.

Did you know you could pull off a whole Halloween party this simply? What are your Halloween Party tips? 

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