DIY Tie Dye Book Bag

These DIY Tie Dye Book Bags are adorable!

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It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, my daughter always has her nose in a book. My son, on the other hand, can at times be too busy to sit down and read. Trying to balance activities between the two of them while encouraging reading can be well…interesting. We made these DIY Tie Dye Book Bags one afternoon for a fun family activity everyone enjoyed.

These DIY Tie Dye Book Bags are adorable!

For both of my readers engaging with books is a challenge.

For my daughter, the challenge is in pulling the magic out of the books and into life. She enjoys the adventures, the stories, and the patterns of written words. She will read and read and read – connecting more with books that with people or the lessons within those books. Bringing books to life; using books to help her connect with others, to broaden her comprehension is what we aim for when picking out activities for her.

These DIY Tie Dye Book Bags are adorable!

These book bags were perfect for that because not only did they require her to use her social skills to create these with others, they also begged to be used for a trip to the library once they were done!

These DIY Tie Dye Book Bags are adorable!

How to Make a Tie-Dye Library Book Bag

Items Needed:

  • White Canvas Bag
  • Fabric Dye (we used blue, purple, teal, and orange)
  • Rubber Bands
  • 1 Large Freezer Bag
  • Drop Cloth
  • Squeeze Bottles (one for each color desired)


1. Tie your canvas bag up with rubber bands. We rolled ours up into a cylinder shape and then put 4 rubber bands along the length about a hands width apart.
2. Make the fabric dye as directed and fill squeeze bottles.
3. Apply to canvas bag.
4. Once the entire bag is covered, place bag into the freezer bag and seal. Allow it to sit for 6-8 hours. *The longer you let it sit the more vibrant the colors will be*
5. Rinse and hang to dry – DO NOT place in the dryer.
6. Once dried head to the library and fill with books!

These DIY Tie Dye Book Bags are adorable!

We found so many treasures on our library trip!

We found so many treasures on our library trip!

It was so nice to see Miss O wear her glasses to read without a fight! For a kid that has been prescribed glasses since she was nine months old but never willing to wear them, this was awesome! She even told me, “Wow Mom these are like super girl glasses – they make reading so much easier!”

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These DIY Tie Dye Book Bags are adorable!

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