How to Make an Emergency Spare Car Kit (for Your Kids)!

Emergency Car Spare Kids Clothes Kit

Kids get messy. No matter what you try, that is going to be a fact of life. When on the go those messes can sometimes put a damper on plans. This simple emergency spare kids clothes car kit is an insanely easy way to keep everything that you need readily available and within reach!

Emergency Car Spare Kids Clothes Kit

Ever since I was a kid one of my favorite family traditions has been creek crawling. For those of you that have no clue what that is, well…it is exactly like it sounds. It is pausing your busy day, stopping whatever you are up to, to explore whatever creek (or pond, lake, or even puddle) you have managed to stumble across! The amount of memories that stem from this summer tradition are endless!




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The emergency clothes kits that we keep in our car stemmed from this tradition and it has been a HUGE lifesaver!

Items Needed for an Emergency Car Spare Kids Clothes Kit:

Emergency Car Spare Kids Clothes Kit

One of the great things about this pack is that it isn’t just meant to cover last minute adventures. It also works great for making accidents and messes less of a stress! It is also adaptable for whatever age your child is (I still keep bags for both my seven year girls in the car), Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes!

How to Put Together Your Emergency Mess Kit:

I personally find that the easiest way to put together your mess pack so that it fits into your waterproof bag without a fight is to fold everything except the wipes into the spare pair of pants or shorts.

Emergency Car Mess Kit

Then simply fold the pants closed, add your wipes, and stuff into bag. If your swimsuit is too bulky to fit into the fold add it between the clothes and your Huggies® Wipes.

Emergency Car Mess Kit

Seal bag and throw either into diaper bag, trunk of car, or even under your child’s seat!

Emergency Car Mess Kit

Such a simple way to make sure your family is always prepared for any adventure no matter how messy it may be! As an added bonus, Huggies® Triple Clean Wipes are not only perfect for sensitive skin, they are proven to clean better than any other national brand! This is perfect for making sure any toys or kid equipment that you may have used for your adventure is clean and germ free!

Emergency Car Mess Kit

Playtime can be a dirty job. Huggies® Wipes– Keep the play. Not the dirty

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