FREE Shipping When You Stock Up on Huggies Diapers using Sam’s Club Pick Up

Love Huggies for my kids! #MyHuggiesBaby #Baby

This is a sponsored campaign brought to you by Sam’s Club, Huggies, and Acorn Network. All opinions shared are my own. #MyHuggiesBaby #Baby

It’s been no secret that I am a huge fan of Sam’s Club pick up and Huggies diapers, so I am super excited to share with y’all this simple way that I save time, sanity, and money while keeping our diaper pantry stocked.

Love Huggies for my kids! #MyHuggiesBaby #Baby

Why We Trust Huggies

For the last eight years at least one of my kids has been in diapers. That’s a lot of diapers, but even more, that is a lot of time for change to happen. I have talked in the past about how Huggies helped us through a rough patch, but they have also been their keeping up with us through the fun…through every change and challenge life has thrown at us.

They are the brand that I trust to protect and keep up with my kids no matter what stage they are at because they provide outstanding skin care and amazing leak lock protection.

Love Huggies for my kids! #MyHuggiesBaby #Baby
Love Huggies for my kids! #MyHuggiesBaby #Baby

Little Snugglers

Little Snuggler come equipped with a GentleAbsorb Liner (N-3) that provides a soft pillow layer between your child and the mess. A color changing wetness indication lets you the parent know when baby’s diaper is ready to be changed and a pocketed-back waistband helps prevent blow-out diapers. Little Snugglers breathable outer cover helps your baby’s skin breathe while in their fragrance and lotion free diapers!

Little Movers

Currently my three year old is using Huggies Little Movers for night time and out in public coverage while we are working on potty training, and I cannot even express fully how much of a sanity saver they are! I don’t think it is a secret just how busy a three year old can be!

Love Huggies for my kids! #MyHuggiesBaby #Baby

Love Huggies for my kids! #MyHuggiesBaby #Baby

He is my little helper and absolutely into everything!

Love Huggies for my kids! #MyHuggiesBaby #Baby

The contoured shape of the Little Movers let’s my little guy move freely and comfortably while the double grip strips help prevent leakage while keeping up with all of his energy! Their dry touch liners absorb moisture on contact. When it comes to keeping up with my busy little man I full trust Huggies Little Movers Leak Lock System which can provide up to 12 hours of leak protection.

How to Save Time and Money Using Sam’s Club Pick Up

Have you ever tried to go grocery shopping with 3+ little kids? It’s not easy. In fact I am pretty sure anyone who takes up such task on a regular basis could qualify for being insane…myself included. Every single time I attempt to grocery shop with all the kids I find myself swearing to myself under my breathe that I will never ever do that again…

For a while I had a hard time keeping that promise. I try to be organized, but I promise you that I am no where near that organized to be able to plan grocery trips kid free. And then I discovered Sam’s Club Pick Up and viola sanity found.

Sam’s Club Pick Up is my secret to saving time, sanity, and money when shopping for some of our staple items such as Huggies Diapers. Simply order online and have your items there waiting for you!

Love Huggies for my kids! #MyHuggiesBaby #Baby

My little helper LOVES helping pick up our orders at Sam’s Club and I am LOVING shopping with them now!

Learn more on how to order Huggies for Club Pick Up here!

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