Marbled Shamrock Math Counters

My kids absolutely love anything that has to do with shaving cream. It seriously is one of their favorite sensory activities. So it comes to no surprise that when I attempted to set up this craft for photos I failed to move fast enough. However you can find an awesome tutorial on how to make and set up Shaving Cream Marbling at CRAFTULATE.

Shaving Foam Paint, Marbled Shamrock Math Counters

She did a seriously awesome job on her post so please make sure you swing by there to see easy step by  step directions on how to set up this craft.

When it comes to doing shaving cream marbling, we do it in the tub. This way I do not have to worry about how messy the kids may get. An added benefit of doing shaving cream play in the tub is that it is a disinfectant so all that mess is actually cleaning your tub! To give you a glimpse into just how messy it can get…

 Once you have marbled your papers, let them dry, and have cleaned up any shaving cream mess, you are ready to make your shamrock counters!

Marbled Shamrock Math Counters
I am in LOVE with the way ours turned out!

Items needed to make Marbled Shamrock Math Counters:

  • Marbled Papers
  • Scissors
  • Marker and/or pen

Marbled Shamrock Math Counters
On the back side of your papers draw out your shamrocks. I did ours in a variety of sizes and even added in one four leaf clovers.

Marbled Shamrock Math Counters
Then over nap time I cut them all out.

Marbled Shamrock Math Counters
And wrote numbers on the back of them.

Marbled Shamrock Math Counters
With these you can hide them around the house and do a numbers scavenger hunt which my kids had an absolute blast doing! Also by writing the numbers on the back this allows you to also use the clovers for size sequencing and/or grouping.

Marbled Shamrock Math Counters
The numbers on the back will also allow you to do something such as I spy the lucky clover! You can even reuse these for an arts-n-crafts collage once you are done with your clover hunt!

Marbled Shamrock Math Counters
A Leprechaun Book for the Activity:

Ten Lucky Leprechauns by. Kathryn Heling

Marbled Shamrock Math Counters

This is a great hide-n-seek counting book that your child is sure to love! The illustrations are bright and colorful, the rhymes are simple and filled with silly non-sense words, and the mischievous leprechauns are beyond loveable!

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