The New TB Test That Every Parent Should Know About!

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There is a better option for TB testing!

  Most parents don’t know that for the last 110 years the tuberculosis infection (TB) test we have had to count on hasn’t changed. It is subjective, painful, and takes follow up visits wasting important time we could be spending cuddling with our loved ones or out in the world learning. Kids shouldn’t be missing school for this. Finally someone made it better. First though let me tell you about my TB adventure growing up.

How TB Testing Went Wrong For Me

  Growing up I was in a situation that wasn’t so special, I had two Moms and two Dads as my parents had gotten divorced. My Step-Mother was a nurses assistant and so caring. Sadly I was not sanguine about the divorce or any of my parents getting remarried and so I was hard on it. It got so much worse when her TB test she had to get for work came back positive. All of a sudden the whole family had to get tested. There was so much drama around this, and our close friends had to be told and some of them got tested and it was some how in my mind, all my poor step mothers fault. I hated the pain and I missed picture day and I held it over that poor womans head for a long time. I feel so badly about it now and will never forget it.

 I was though like that TB test, wrong. My step-mother had a false positive. You see she had not gotten the test checked for a week and it was 5mm at that point and it was assumed it was positive at the 72 hour mark too. When this fact was caught my our pediatrician he told her to get retested. When she was finally retested it was negative. It was negative for all of us. You see the test must be read between 24 – 72 hours and it is subjective. There are false positives for a number of reasons and false negatives too.

 The TB Blood Test Is More Accurate

 Finally there is a test every parent should know so they can be informed to ask for it if they want it. Chances are there will not be the drama around your testing situation like there was for me but you and your family deserve the better accuracy of the TB Blood Test.

 With the TB Blood Test it is not subjective, either it is positive or negative. There is no coming back in 72 hours to get it checked. No need to lose further school or work time! I wish we had this when I was growing up, it would have saved a bit of heartache. Yes, I promise I am good to my Step-Mother now! She still doesn’t have TB, none of us do thankfully. Hopefully you and your loved ones never have it either. Testing is important and I think accurate testing is crucial don’t you?

By using the TB blood test you get:

o   The most accurate test for TBinfection – no cross reaction with a previous TB vaccination

o   Only a 3ml draw of fresh blood – irrespective/regardless of patient age/immune status

o   The convenience for you and your patient of just 1 visit

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