Baby’s First Foods: ReSqueeze Review

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Thinking of making your own baby food? It is a lot easier than most parents I have talked to think. Plus it is economical, efficient, and you will know exactly what is in your child’s meal!

Going the do-it-yourself route also helps get baby used eating the same foods as the rest of the family which will help forgo the picky eating toddler years.

Knowing what you can and cannot give your baby is probably the biggest hurdle when it comes to making your own baby food. The solid food chart found below is compiled by food type and is on the conservative end of things. The chart shows age-ranges for each food type and is compiled from research via various medical authorities such as pediatricians, the AAP, the AAFP, and the WHO.

resqueeze review

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**As always, I highly recommend that you always consult your baby’s pediatrician before introducing new foods to your baby. It is important that you avoid any suggested foods that may pose an allergy risk for your baby. Please remember that all foods have the potential to be an allergen.

Other than knowing what to use when making baby food, the actual process of making baby food is super easy and can be a lot of fun. My youngest is now almost two so when it comes to our creations there isn’t much to limit us. Even though he is a toddler now we still make “baby food” smoothies to make sure he is getting a healthy balance. Even though we made our own baby food with him, while he is not super picky, he does prefer the same foods over and over again. By making smoothies we are able to change it up a bit while keeping it the same.

One thing my little guy really loves are squeeze pouches. Even my six year old loves them! And they are absolutely great for on the go. So when ReSqueeze contacted me to review their product I was a bit excited.

resqueeze review

One of my biggest headaches over having kids that love smoothies is that TinTin is in the Mr. Independent stage. This usually translates into huge messes as he wants to do it himself. Hand him a spoon and he begins inventing a new masterpiece with his fingers…hand him a straw and he is experimenting with the speed of travel as he flings food across the room…with ReSqueeze I didn’t have to worry about any of this. I have actually fallen so in love with this product that I carry it everywhere with me. It has worked wonderful for things like ice cream at the movies, sno cones after the park, and even splitting up his sister’s yogurt.

resqueeze reviewWhen it comes to the design of the ReSqueeze, the makers really knew what they were doing! Having the spout on the top was super easy for my little guy to use and the size of the cap was perfect for balancing the ReSqueeze upside down while filling. The bottom has a dual zip closure that impressed me. When I first saw it, I will admit my reaction was meh…but then my son attempted to use his ReSqueeze as a trampoline and the zip-seal did not pop. What else can I say? That’s impressive! …that being said I wouldn’t recommend jumping on your ReSqueeze…

resqueeze reviewEach reusable pouch holds approximately 6 ounces which is an ideal portion size. With it also being plastic it was super easy to clean up any spills that happened while filling it.

My little guy absolutely loves the bright colors of his ReSqueeze!

Need some ReSqueeze Inspiration?

One of our favorite things to put in our ReSqueeze is fruit smoothies. In this particular one we put in:

  • Breast Milk
  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Peaches
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Pears
  • Quinoa

resqueeze reviewIt took us a whole 5 minutes to throw everything together and blend it. I buy most of our fruit to be used for stuff like this frozen. I didn’t do anything special for the quinoa. And for the breast milk I just followed the basic rules of use.

resqueeze reviewSuper easy, super yummy, and a great way to get your kid eating a variety of foods.

ReSqueeze also has a section on their website where they provide recipes for inspiration!

A set of 8 ReSqueeze Pouches retail for $24.99 which if you ask me is a steal! You can connect with ReSqueeze on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Do you make your own baby food?

Disclosure: I received a ReSqueeze in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions about this product.

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