Sensory Systems Explained: What is Auditory?

The auditory sensory processing system is an essential component of a child’s development in early childhood. It plays a crucial role in the way children perceive, process, and respond to sounds in their environment.  The auditory system is responsible for hearing, understanding, and interpreting speech, music, and other environmental sounds.  Did you know that we … Read more

Sensory Systems Explained: What is Vestibular?

Have you ever heard of the vestibular system? It’s not as well-known as the five senses, but it’s just as important for your child’s development. The vestibular system plays a crucial role in regulating balance, coordination, and spatial orientation, and is essential for many physical and cognitive activities. Did you know that we have EIGHT … Read more

IEP Toolkit for Parents

Getting ready for an IEP meeting can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. This free IEP Toolkit printable is designed to help you prepare for your child’s IEP meeting’s ahead of time by keeping everything that you need recorded in one place. IEP Binder for Parents We use affiliate links on site to … Read more

Printable Emotions Playdough Mats and Task Cards

Emotions are something your children will deal with throughout their entire lives. They must understand how feelings affect their behavior and how to keep them under control. Teaching kids all about their emotions can be done in a number of ways, and it’s something that should be fostered in toddlers and preschoolers before they even … Read more