Zoo Books for Preschoolers

Getting preschoolers ready for a fun field trip to the zoo? You can start the excitement while still in the classroom! There are many zoo books you can read before the trip that teaches students about zookeepers, animals, and their habitats while exploring how the planet provides what humans and animals need to survive. What … Read more

How to Encourage Children to Read

Reading is a habit that is hard to start, but once it starts, the benefits are well worth it. It’s not just about developing good reading skills – reading will help you in all areas of your life. The more time your child spends reading, the better off they will be academically. Reading can also … Read more

Dinosaur Books for Kids

dinosaur books for kids collage

Dinosaur books for kids have always been popular, but these days there are more options than ever. We’ve taken a look at the books out there and come up with the best available options. From educational to hilarious, the books on this list are great choices for kids who can’t get enough of dinosaurs.