Lilac Sensory Bottle

Lilac Sensory Bottle - a great way for your child to play with and discover spring flowers up close! a great activity to explore the natural world and bring the outside in.

This week our Lilac bushes went into full bloom. Our entire yard smells heavenly. It didn’t take long for the kids to start picking off blooms and filling up vases. We made these Lilac Sensory Bottles to help them explore the beauty of our Lilac bush without destroying it. This discovery bottle was also great … Read more

Water Bead Sensory Bottles

Water Bead Sensory Bottle

When it comes to sensory play, water beads are probably one of my kid’s favorites. It is amazing to watch just how creative they can get with them, and this sensory material is absolutely versatile. My kids have frozen water beads, added them to shaving cream, made them into slime, and so much more. Recently, … Read more

Developmental Benefits of Sensory Bottles + Ideas on How to Make Them!

Discovery Bottles

Create engaging discovery bottles for your babies and toddlers by using recycled and everyday materials from around the house! Sensory Bottles are cheap to make, so much fun, long lasting, and can easily be adapted to create exciting and intriguing sensory play experiences for your little ones. What Are Sensory Bottles? Sensory bottles go by … Read more