Candy Heart Goopy Slime

Valentine's Day Candy Hearts Slime

Conversation Hearts Goop! Some messy gooey Valentine’s Day fun! These candy hearts make for perfect Valentine’s early learning play! We have used them for a quick color sorting game, observation science, and in our love potion #9! This time we made a great science sensory activity of goopy candy heart slime or sometimes called oobleck!
Valentine's Day Candy Hearts Slime
Goop is a pretty amazing sensory experience! Is it a liquid or a solid? Or is it Both?!

Oobleck is what is called a non-Newtonian Fluid. When pressure is exerted on it like squishing it or scooping it up, it acts like a solid. When there is no pressure exerted on it, it flows like a liquid. Scoop it up with a spoon like a solid and watch as it slowly melts off the spoon like a liquid. Amazing!

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Sand Slime

Homemade Sand Slime is a perfect summer sensory science activity.

Finding fun ways to play with slime is becoming a bit of a mission for my kids. It is such a quick and easy activity that leads to hours and hours of fun. This Homemade Sand Slime was put together after a trip to our local nursery. We picked up a bag of sand with … Read more