Cavity Dragon Games

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Cavity Dragon Games

Cavity Dragon Games has become on of those games that I judged too quickly. After first downloading it, I can’t lie – I wasn’t impressed. However, my children have absolutely loved this game and it served as a great tool for opening discussion. 

Livia has always been slightly obsessed with “sugar bugs” rotting her teeth. However, the actual sensation of brushing her teeth has also always been a struggle. This app has been a fun way to make brushing her teeth a little bit more enticing. Instead of viewing it as a not so fun sensation brushing her teeth has become a fire fighting exploration!

Tooth decay is the #1 childhood illness. Teaching your children proper care of their teeth is a life skill that all children need to learn in a way that they can relate to.

The game itself is an extremely simple set up. There are no ads or outside distractions. Within the game the kids are not going to accidentally click the wrong spot and be pulled to another activity or out of the app. This is a huge bonus! The simplicity of it makes the game very straight forward, easy to follow, and focused. 

Throughout the game children play as Fire Fighters. They may be battling fire spitting cavity dragons, brushing plaque off of teeth, or flossing food out. There are three levels of challenges making it easy to adapt the game to your child’s needs. I personally played this level on easy and it did take me a minute to figure out how to get both Fire Fighters spraying tooth paste. There definitely is a hand-eye coordination and crossing mid-line challenge within the game!

While this game did not win my heart at first, it definitely won my kids attention. At the end of the day, an engaged child is learning and that is what matters

Parenting ChaosThe Cavity Dragon Games by Goosling definitely get a Kid Tested, Momma Approved label from us!
Cavity Dragon Jr. ($2.99) iTunes
Fire Station Cavity Dragons (Free) iTunes
Cavity Dragons Slap Jack (Free) iTunes
Cavity Dragons Pro ($2.99) iTunes


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