Disney’s Imagicademy: Mickey’s Magical Art World

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The latest addition to the Disney’s Imagicademy family of apps is now available! Mickey’s Magical Art World is available exclusively for the iPad to get your child’s creativity flowing with drawing, costume & movie making, materials, design and music.

Disney Imagicademy Mickey's Magical Art World iPad App for Kids

If you’ve ever logged into the Disney website for things such as Disney Parks you can use the same login for the Disney’s Imagicademy apps. If not creating a profile literally only took a matter of seconds. Your parent Imagicademy profile gives you access to create a profile for yourself and each of your children, allowing you to monitor their play and progress!

The Parents app is also fantastic place to find helpful articles and fun activities and craft ideas to do with your kids. We had a blast making some squishy sensory pom-poms from an idea we found there!

Parent Portal Disney Imagicademy

Exploring Disney’s Mickey’s Magical Art World Imagicademy App:

My kids are HUGE Mickey Mouse fans, so when they saw that I had added THREE new Disney apps (there is also an Imagicademy for Math) they literally squeeled like no other. Getting the iPad away from their little hands to get some screen shots for this review was definitely an interesting adventure…pretty sure Livia cashed in ALL of her screen time tokens!

Welcome to Mickey's Magical Art World!

Having her cash in her screen time tokens for creative learning is something this Momma can’t ever complain about! Once in the app there are 5 different areas to explore (along with the main town): Drawing, Movie Making, Materials, Design, and Music!

Imagicademy Mickey's Magical Art World

Each section is available for purchase for $4 or the entire package can be bought for $19.99. We did play around in each area prior to purchase and LOVED them so much we went ahead and bought the entire package. I am not one to buy apps all that often — this app is worth the purchase!

Being that Drawing and Music are two of our favorite activities those were the first areas my kids had to explore!

Mickey's Magical Arts World Drawing

In Mickey’s Magical Arts World, everything in the game can be designed and created right down to the characters. When you go into the Drawing section you have the option to draw a character or anything else that is white (with a dotted outline) in the Arts World.

The Art World is completely freestyle creation. When you are creating other objects like trees or bugs it has a really neat option that walks you through the steps on how to draw it from scratch.

Imagicademy Drawing World

As your child creates they earn pins! Each section of the game will award different style pins. This is where having a parent profile comes in handy! This will help you see what your child is engaging with and earning.

Disney Imagicademy

The more your child plays and creates the more alive Mickey’s Magical Arts World becomes. Over time as badges are earned and areas are explored your child will begin to see their creations come to life throughout the world.

My favorite part was the music section that lets you pick a song and the instruments to play the song in the parade. You get a chance to experience tempo and pitch and discover the different sounds each instrument makes. Meatball was particularly fond of this area too!

Mickey Imagicademy Music

I am absolutely in love with the level of interactive and early learning play that incorporated some of my kids favorite Disney characters and stories! Disney Imagicademy apps do an excellent job of following research-driven curriculum are available exclusively for iPad and can currently be found on Apple’s App Store in the Kids, Education and Entertainment categories.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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