Embracing Holiday Traditions #ChosenByKids

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Embracing Holiday Traditions

Christmas is by far one of my favorite Holidays. There is something magical about this season that no matter how chaotic things may get the time spent with family, friends, and community builds memories that last.

When it comes to the Christmas season I have so many favorites – from making ornaments with the kids, to baking cookies, to sending loved ones cards, to visiting the Trail of Lights and decorating the tree…there are just so many opportunities for creating those lasting memories!

It is the time spent with family, and the time giving to others that is what makes this Holiday season so magical. Because of that my favorite tradition that we have as a family is the time that we spend together giving back. It’s never anything extravagant, but it that isn’t what matters. What matters is that it is something that we can do, within our means, that teaches our children the importance of giving.

This year my kids picked out K’Nex as our holiday gift to families in need. They had so much fun packing up boxes and creating cards to send to the children’s shelter and church. There is a definite joy in hearing your children get excited over giving! It is definitely much nicer than “I Want”!

To me this was always something simple that we could do together as a family. It wasn’t until this year, that I realized the impact that such simple acts of kindness can truly have.

This year as soon as the Holiday Break hit, so did the flu…and boy did it hit us hard. We are still not fully recovered. Being pregnant this nasty bout of the flu landed me a four day stay at my local hospital, and completely turned our holiday plans upside down. It was stressful to say the least. On the day I was discharged I sat my daughter down with me and asked her if she would be ok with us celebrating Christmas a couple days late. It brought tears to my eyes when she looked at me and said, “Mom, Christmas is more than unwrapping gifts…it’s about family and at least you will be home.”

And as we walked towards our home those tears started to stroll down my face as I saw sitting on our doorstep pre-made meals, gifts of kindness, and care packages. It wasn’t expected and it wasn’t extravagant. But, it most definitely was a blessing.

There is a magic to this season, and that magic comes through giving. Now that I have seen the magic from both sides, as a family there is no tradition that I enjoy passing down to my children more.

What is Your Favorite Family Tradition?

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