German Red Potatoes with Pistachios Recipe

German Red Potatoes

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Potatoes make the perfect side dish for any holiday or event. Everyone loves them…and everyone brings them. This recipe will take your side dish to next level and is bound to be a success! These German Red Potatoes have a rich savory taste with a touch of sweetness. 

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Kitchen notes for German Red Potatoes with Pistachios:

When slicing the pistachios dice them into small enough pieces, but be careful not to dice them too small. Pistachios crumble easily and you want chunks of pistachios not pistachio powder.

German Red Potatoes

If you want a meatier flavor, add the bacon to the potatoes while in the “frying” stage to merge the flavors. If you do this do not cook bacon until it is fully crispy the first time around. The bacon will increase in crispiness during this step. Just cook the bacon long enough to have a decent amount of lard in the pan to be able to sweat the onions and cook the pistachios. 
German Red Potatoes

When adding the onion and pistachios to the bacon lard, keep an eye on the color of the onions. They only need to cook for 4-5 minutes or until they begin to sweat. 

German Red Potatoes

Looking for some more ideas?

Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite holidays. We have four birthdays mingled into all of it, so it definitely makes for some amazing family time! Not to mention the food…oh how I love Thanksgiving food. Personally I am not much of a main dish person when it comes to Thanksgiving. I am the type of person that loads up my plate with side dishes. I love trying out what everyone has brought to contribute!

If you have been assigned the task of making a side dish this year make sure you check out these awesome choices!

German Red Potatoes

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