Guess Who Zoo and 30+ Zoo Animal Crafts

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Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts

The Zookeeper was fast asleep.
He woke up in a stew:
“Good Heavens, someone stole my keys,
How can I guard my zoo?”
-Guess Who Zoo by. Howard Eisenberg


Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts
“Guess Who Farm” is available for purchase directly from, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Recently we got our hands on a copy of a Guess Who Zoo book and CD and my kids have absolutely adored them.

In this whimsical adventure a mischievous monkey steals a sleeping zoo keepers keys. In order to get the zoo keepers keys back children must help the zoo keeper solve the riddle for each of the eleven animals that escaped during his nap.

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts

The delightful riddles are wonderful for teaching children rhyming, poetry, life science, and problem solving. The illustrations provided within the book are bright, big, and beautiful. It truly is a fun book that your child will enjoy!

After reading this book multiple times and dancing around like a fool to the cd more than once, my daughter decided that she wanted to act out the story as the monkey…which led to the craft box being dragged out and an hour of hilarious fun. To make the monkey mask is fairly easy.

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts

Items Needed for the Monkey Mask:


  • Paper Plate
  • Brown Paint
  • Pink Construction Paper or Foam
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • X-Acto Knife or Scissors

To make this craft is super simple. Cut out the middle of the paper plate with scissors or an x-acto knife. I used an x-acto knife because it was a lot easier. Take the inner circle that you cut out and cut it in half (these will be your monkey ears). Then allow the kids to paint the paper plate. They could also use crayons, markers, or whatever they desire…maybe yarn? Once they have decorated the mask cut out two semi-circles with the pink construction paper and glue everything together. If you have a hard time getting glue to work a stapler will also do. Let it dry and then play!

Some ideas for play:

  1. Have kids be the monkey and hide items. You can play a simple game of hide-n-go seek or up the level and include rhymes like in the story.
  2. Have a dance party where kids make up animal style dance moves.
  3. Create your own poetry riddles for your favorite animal- or an animal from your imagination!
  4. Create a snack for your favorite animal in their habitat of choice.
  5. Use stuff animals to create a zoo (or some of the crafts provided below)!

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts


Animal Finger Puppets {JDaniels4’sMom}

Fluffy Seal Pups {Tippy Toe Crafts}

Printable Seal {Learn Create Love}

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts


Alligator A {No Time For Flash Cards}

Bubble Wrap Alligator {Positively Splendid}

Hand Print Alligator {Red Ted Art}

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts


Giraffe Marionettes {Red Ted Art}

Paper Plate Giraffe {Sassy Dealz}

Giraffe in the Grass {The Art & Craft Giraffe}

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts


Kangaroo Pencil Holder {Mama Jenn}

Paper Plate Joey {Mama & Me Book Club}

K is for Kangaroo {Totally Tots}

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts


Polar Bear {Parenting Chaos}

Brown Bear {Deep Space Sparkle}

Paper Plate Brown Bear {Creativity Takes Flight}

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts


Bactrain Camel {Krokotak}

Printable Camel Craft {Learn Create Love}

Egg Carton Camel {She Knows}

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts


Shapes Elephant {First School}

Paper Plate Elephant {No Time for Flash Cards}

Milk Carton Elephant {Chesire Mum}

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts


Paper Plate Hippo {I Heart Crafty Things}

Hippo Craft {I Heart Crafty Things}

H is for Hippo {Creative Cents}

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts

Ant Eater:

Paper Ant Eater {DLKT Kids}

A is for Ant Eater $$$ {KazsMom}

Origami Ant Eater {Origami Kids}

Guess Who Zoo Animal Crafts


Hand Print Raccoon {Crunchy & Green}

Raccoon Costume {A Wonderful Factory}

Felt Raccoon Mask Template {illistyle}

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