Happy Family Organic SuperFoods Review: Nutrition Giveaway Day 2!

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I was given these products for the purpose of this review. All opinions provided are 100% my own.

happy family brands organic review
About Happy Family Brands:

Shazi Visram founded the Happy Family Organic food brand on Mother’s Day 2006. After watching a friend struggle to find healthy food options for her baby (that didn’t involve hours of slaving away in the kitchen), Shazi came up with the idea for Happy Family. What began as Happy Baby — a minimally processed frozen, organic alternative to baby food in a jar — has since grown into a comprehensive line of products for the whole family. Today, Happy Family provides organic foods for babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults! You can read about Happy Family’s commitment to sustainability HERE.

Whenever they can, Happy Family adds nutritious elements like minerals and probiotics to their foods. Click on an ingredient below to learn more:

And on top of all of this, every time you buy a Happy Family product, you are also feeding a starving child in Africa through Project Peanut Butter!Happy Family also joins FEED in the fight against hunger and malnutrition all over the world by donating a portion of their profits to them.

It’s deliciously convenient, socially responsible, and made with a mother’s touch for all ages, all stages of development. What could be happier than that?

Our Experiences:

With both TinTin and Livia I started off making my own baby food at home. I didn’t trust some of the baby food products out there to be nutritious, low in salt, etc. There are so many loopholes when it comes to what is required to be on a food label, and that doesn’t even touch marketing labels such as “Heart Healthy” (which I recently saw on a box of fruit loops)…

I have fallen in love with Happy Family not only because they openly show what is in each and every product they sell, they have also proven themselves and their passion for providing nutrition for kids time and time again.

happy family brands organic review

One of the benefits of Happy Family is that they are super convenient. While I do still love to make my own baby food, that is not something that can easily be thrown in the diaper bag and dragged around. With having a family that is constantly on the go having healthy options that we can take on the go with us is extremely important to me.

happy family brands organic review
My Dennis the Menace eating Kale, Apple, and Mango

TinTin has loved everything he has tried so far: food and yogurt pouches, happy puffs, happy yogis, bars, cookies, and meal bowls. Even Livia (6) asks for Happy Family foods when we visit Central Market (our local grocery store). 

happy family brands organic review

And probably my favorite feature about their squeeze products is that not only do they not spill, they can easily stand up on their own. With how independent and do it myself my little man is, this has been awesome. I cannot even tell you how many weird places I have found food…or stepped in it. From what is in the product, to it’s convenience and durability, this product truly is a mom’s peace of mind. 

happy family brands organic review
Kids will put just about anything in their mouth. Happy Family Brands will give you the parent a peace of mind on what your child is eating! You know what they say, Happy Mom…Happy Kids!

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If you haven’t tried the Happy Family brand, look for it at stores near you. Our local grocery store only has a huge selection of the Happy Tot and Happy Baby products. If you cannot find it in your grocery store I have heard that Target has an amazing selection.

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