Help Wipe Out the Diaper Need

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I have talked briefly before on my experiences in being a young single mom. But, I have never really put much out there over fear of the internet. But, today this post – this cause, is very personal to me.

Help Wipe Out the Diaper Need
When Livia was born I was a single young mom and poor. Beyond poor. We lived off of $600 a month. Life was a game of which bill absolutely needed to be paid that month to prevent cut off. There were many weeks that Ramen was out of budget.

And diapers? I wasn’t able to afford diapers until Livia was into Pre-K (she didn’t potty train until she was 5).

This is part of the reason that I love the Huggies brand. When I couldn’t find more time in my day to work harder to provide, they stepped in and helped through a program run at a local food bank. A program that allowed me to “volunteer” with my daughter around my school hours. A couple years ago that program ran out of funds. It was an amazing program. There are still program addressing the diaper need, helping parents all around the country.

And as I write that I feel like I need to defend the fact that at that stage of my life I needed help. Guilt and perceived judgement tells me I didn’t do enough. But between school, my part time job, and having a special needs child in extensive therapy I was doing all that I could…and you see that? I couldn’t not defend myself to you, even though the odds of me ever knowing you are slim. Amazing how much shame comes with poverty.

What is the Diaper Need?


Help Wipe Out the Diaper Need That is 5.3 MILLION babies and toddlers who are affected by the diaper need.


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