How to Make an Experience Book

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Experience books are an awesome way to capture your families memories from special day trips and outings. They are also a fantastic language and literary tool for children with emerging language!

How to Make and Experience Book

Making our own books is something that my family greatly enjoys. It is such a fun way to personalize and encourage reading.

Experience books also put children in the storytelling seat instead of passively listening to a story being read to them. As a child shares their memories with loved ones they are taking the lead in explaining the pictures and flipping the pages. A simple sentence across each page helps familiarize children with written symbols while giving the adult being read to some cues to help the child tell their story.

How to Make and Experience Book

Through use of images and repetitive text these books are an awesome tool for working on auditory completion which is, filling in the blanks with event related words. So for example when reading our story I may read to Meatball the words, “We rode on” and wait for him to fill in the word ponies. This skill is important as not only does it help in the early stages of reading, it also helps your child with language acquisition and cognition.

How to Make an Experience Book:

Our camera of choice when out and about with the kids is the Panasonic Lumix G7. This is an amazing camera for precise auto focusing and capturing kids in motion. Using it’s three exclusive 4K Ultra HD Video pause and extract photo Modes, 4K Pre-Burst, 4K Start/Stop, and 4K, I never miss a moment. It is also extremely light weight making it much easier to take on the go than our DSLR.

Here is our spread of photos that we captured using the Panasonic Lumix G7.

How to Make and Experience Book

Using PicMonkey we added in the text. To make my pages printable on a 8.5×11 piece of paper I made my PicMoney collages 2550×3300 px.

How to Make and Experience Book

After printing on photo paper I simply cut the pages in half, punched a hole in the upper left hand corner, added reinforcement labels, and put through a metal ring.

Experience books are an awesome way to encourage language and boost confidence in your emerging reader!

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