How to Talk to Your Child About Bullying with Picked On Poindexter

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Bullying has become such as prominent buzzword in our society that just the mere mention of it can send even the most experienced parent into a frenzy. So before you broach the topic with your child, and hear all their hurtful experiences, know that not every upsetting occasion is bullying.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is compromised of three main components: unwanted interactions with the intent to harm, an imbalance of power, and repeated acts of threats or aggressive behaviors. Bullying can can be executed socially, verbally, or physically. Children who bully are more often than not making a conscious decision to be cruel. So how can you as a parent differentiate between what is bullying and what is not? Below are some basic guidelines that I absolutely love.

  • When someone says or does something unintentionally harmful and they do it once that is RUDE
  • When someone says or does something intentionally harmful and they do it once that is MEAN
  • When some says or does something intentionally harmful and they keep doing it – even after you ask them to stop or show them you are upset – that is BULLYING

So how do we empower and teach our children? The first and most important step is talking to your child and making sure that the messages that they are receiving and observing about bullying is correct. Phrases like, “it will only make you stronger”, “just ignore it”, and “they are just words” are not going to help your child.

Whether your child is the target, bully, or just a witness, your influence can make a positive change. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

Help Approaching Bullying with Picked-On Poindexter:

*I received this product for the purpose of this review. Opinions provided are 100% my own.

Even knowing the do’s and don’ts of discussing bullying with your children, approaching the topic can still be a daunting task. Recently my daughter has been talking of bullying constantly at home. It has become her go-to whenever she has to do something she does not want to do. Clean her room? Mom’s a bully. Sit down to eat dinner with the family? Dad’s a bully. Share her toys? TinTin is a bully…

Bullying is not something we had discussed at home yet so quite honestly hearing her talk of it non-stop was quite surprising. Picked-On Poindexter was an excellent tool for us in broaching what is bullying, what is not, and how to handle a bully. Plus he is absolutely adorable and softly lovable.


Available for iPad, Google Play, and Kindle Fire, a heartwarming story about Poindexter, a lovable frog, who was picked on for being different. Follow him through his first day of school and his encounter with the lunchroom bully, Bonky. Poindexter confronts the challenges of being different and makes an unexpected friend in the process.

The app–with 26 interactive pages–features fun, original music that teaches a positive message about being different and the challenges of getting picked on. You’ll be dancing to the Bully Rap and enjoying the interactions in the new Picked-on Poindexter app!

Click below to hear a sample of Picked-on Poindexter’s 5 songs!!


Bad Way [su_audio url=”″ width=”75%”]
Bully Rap [su_audio url=”″ width=”75%”]
Choose [su_audio url=”″ width=”75%”]
Different [su_audio url=”″ width=”75%”]
Don’t Fit In [su_audio url=”″ width=”75%”]


This app and the loveable plush frog Poindexter definitely get the Kid Tested, Momma Approved label from us! Parenting Chaos 

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