Is Your Teenager Ready for a Cell Phone?

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There are so many decisions that go into deciding whether or not your teenager is ready for a cell phone. When we first started discussing whether our girls were ready for a cell phone, the hubs and I were not on the same page. One of us said they were ready, while the other was not yet ready to expose them to everything that came with owning their own cell phone. There was so many different factors to consider as we started our discussion and journey into giving our daughters their first cell phone.

Is Your Teen Ready for a Cell Phone?

Questions to Ask Before Giving Your Child a Cell Phone

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before getting a phone for your teenager:

1. Is your child responsible enough to keep track of a cell phone?
2. Does your child need a cell phone for safety reasons?
3. If I give my child a cell phone what will the rules be? Can my child follow those rules?
4. Does your child understand the permanence of posting online?
5. Will they be transparent and open with you about their actions on a cell phone?
6. Does your child understand stranger danger and cyber bullying?
7. Can your child name five places they are not supposed to use their phone?
8. Can your child follow the limits you set regarding minutes talked and apps downloaded?
9. Does your child understand what types of apps are okay to download and how to surf the Internet safely?

The Importance of Being Transparent About Parental Control Apps

Once you have decided that your child is ready for a cell phone, the next step is putting a parental control app on their phone while they learn the rules and etiquette of owning a cell phone. For many parents that I have talked to, they have wanted to install a parental control app on their child’s phone without their child’s knowledge. This is a practice I would strongly suggest against.

When you hide your actions, such as installing a parental control app without your child’s knowledge, you are failing to encourage that transparent relationship between you and your child. If you expect your child to be transparent and honest about their actions on their cell phone, then you must also model that behavior for them to follow.

By being transparent with your child when you install a parental control app you are setting the example, expectations, and opening the discussion on the importance of being honest with cell phone usage.

The Best Parental Control Cell Phone App

Guess what? There is an app now that can help with all this. The app Teen Limit (child app android only) which has a free and premium version, will help allow you to set time management and even block certain apps you don’t feel comfortable for your teen to be accessing. Parenting in this digital age has never been easier. With this app, you are able to use your device to keep your kids safe and monitor screen usage time! The parent app, which is a fee, comes with time management, apps blocking, geolocation, and is available for iOS and Android. When installing this app on my teen’s cell phone I let them know what I was doing and how I would be using it.

Is Your Teen Ready for a Cell Phone?

I want my teen to be able to be open with me. To know that I shouldn’t have to watch their every move but that I am also there to help them learn how to safely use their cell phone. For them to learn how they can make wonderful decisions on their own. While we all hope our teens will make the right decisions we also have to have the tools to help guide them just in case.

About Teen Limit

This simple and smart parental control allows you to monitor your tween and teen’s screen use and guarantees their online safety wherever they are.

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Teen Limit is free for your Teen’s Android Device which includes time management and app blocking. You can also upgrade to a premium account ($3.29/month) for the Teen Limit Parent Account which is available on Android and iPhone and includes a remote control, internet filtering, geolocation, instant configuration, and real time notifications.

Learn more about Teen Limit on their website!

If you are looking for a wonderful way to work with your teen and still show transparency then this app Teen Limit is a great app on the market to test out to see if it fits your needs.

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Is Your Teen Ready for a Cell Phone?

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