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JAKKS Max Tow Truck Toy

Can you believe that tomorrow is already Christmas Eve? This year has been super crazy for us and I am just amazed at how quickly the Holiday season has gone by! If you are looking for a last minute gift I have to say the JAKKS Max Tow Truck has to be one of my favorite finds of the year – definitely worth trying to find!

This year we decided not to go all out and stick to a three gift rule for the kids. Each of the kids is getting one “big” gift, one book, and then something they can create with. When it came to little man’s letter to Santa though all he had listed down were trucks. Simple yes…but, so many choices! I do have to say that I am really excited to have found the JAKKS Max Tow Truck at our local Walmart. And after taking it out of the box to make sure that it was fully assembled and ready to play with prior to going under the tree, I have to say I am super excited to watch my son’s reaction when he opens it!

JAKKS Max Tow Truck

Taking the time to assemble JAKKS Max Tow Truck before wrapping is strongly suggested – especially if this is going to a younger child! While it was super easy to put together it did take me about 30 minutes to get it out of the box, attach the wheels, remove the tester battery, and put new batteries in. The truck itself does not come with batteries so do make sure to purchase those!

JAKKS Max Tow Truck

Once everything is put together I spent some time checking out the tow truck and making sure everything worked smoothly. Not only was it super simple to operate everything, the way the truck is put together is just really cool. There are only three main components to making the truck move – all of which can be easily manipulated by little hands. Even the hubs stopped what he was doing to come play around with it!

It was great to see him playing with it because he was a bit worried about giving our little man a tow truck with the ability to push/pull 200lbs! Which I can’t say I blame him for…we do call our son the taterizer for a reason…But, this toy was made of parts that I am completely comfortable giving to a toddler.

super soft tires

No small parts, soft tires, and anything that detaches from the truck is big and chunky. The truck also has over 50 sounds and phrases which is bound to keep your child engaged, learning, and exploring!

I am loving this toy and cannot wait to give it to my little guy Christmas day!

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