How to Use a Baby Registry to Plan for a New Baby

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If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook then you have already heard…but for those of you who haven’t — We are expecting Baby #4 and it’s a Boy!!


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We are all pretty excited. I am beginning to doubt my sanity…four kiddos? Can I really do this?? The hubs might have had a heart attack or two once I told him. The girls are throwing new name suggestions at me every ten seconds.The last written name suggestion Miss Livia gave me was that I should name him Allan (which she pronounced Alien when later asked about it). And well Meatball, while he would still rather have a puppy is slowly coming around to the idea of having a minion of his own to help him over throw the world.

How to Use a Baby Registry to Plan for a New Baby

So far we are ahead of the normal schedule as far as planning and prepping for new baby goes. We even have our potential list of names narrowed down, which is huge for us! You can help us narrow our list down even more by voting on our Facebook page!

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But, even with planning and prep all going as planned I have to say this pregnancy has been different from all the rest. The nausea is killing me (I have never dealt with this before), my cravings are absolutely insane, my energy is a joke (I could sleep all day), and my feet?…yeah I am pretty sure they don’t exist anymore because I haven’t seen them in awhile. To help tackle these new challenges I have headed over to to check out their New Mom Stories and Tips.

While there I have even begun working on our registry

Create a Baby Registry on

The hubster has asked me a couple of times why on earth I would be (in his opinion) wasting my time creating an online registry. He does to an extent have a point as when it comes to baby number 4 throwing a baby shower is a tad taboo. Not to mention we do have three kiddos…what else could we possibly need?

Pampers Stock Up and Save Event at

But, with every new baby there is always -ALWAYS- items that are needed! New parents can never have enough when it comes to items such as Pampers Swaddlers Super Pack or Pampers Wipes*.

While we might not be throwing a baby shower, creating a registry still is extremely beneficial for us. With family out of state this allows us to easily let them know what items we still need and what brands we prefer if they choose to buy the little man a birthday gift. This takes some of the hassle out of it for us and makes shipping the items super easy on them (preferred shipping address can be set)!

It also serves as a great to do list for the hubs and myself. I will admit it, I have pregnancy brain like no other. It’s to the point that I woke up the other morning, went to pour some milk into my cereal, and found my sandals sitting where the milk should have been…So, to do lists? Yep I need them! With Walmart’s Baby Registry I can quickly and easily mark down the things that I need and then check them off as I get them either in the store or online!

It is also an easy way to take the guess work out of it for the hubs and let him know exactly what items are on my wish list or just how much of each item we will practically to use. Because while we will definitely use diapers, a year stock of newborn sizes would be a tad overkill. And just like with the family that lives out of state, it is a great way to let the hubs know which brands we use and which brands get the momma stamp of approval. For every day basic stuff I know he will remember – the man has changed enough Pampers* Diapers to know that’s our brand. But, when it comes to some of the other stuff, like that my breast pump is Medela, I would be shocked for it not to be gibberish to him.

With Pampers Baby Basics for Any Mom on’s Parent & Baby Center creating a registry is a breeze and there are so many potential uses that it is a must!

How Would You Use a Baby Registry to Plan for a New Baby?

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