Obaby: Tell Your Family's Story

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I received the Obaby iPhone app for the purpose of this review. Opinions given are 100% my own.

Obaby do I love this app!

  Recording the story of your pregnancy and child’s early years can at times be a daunting task for busy parents. Getting a young child to sit still long enough to get a decent studio picture or finding a moment peaceful enough to scrapbook is almost unheard of. This is where the Obaby app comes in to help. The best pictures to tell your story are pictures taken while living your life. These pictures will be the ones that hold your memories and heart. Obaby will help you take those special life moments and turn your photos into beautiful handcrafted stories that are bound to be loved.  obaby app review The Obaby app is perfect for editing and sharing your pictures with your friends and family on the go. The text provided within the app is adorable and on top of that the app has a ton of fun images that can be added from expecting to the early childhood years. It even covers adoption!

About Obaby!

“We love babies. They are precious to us. We made Obaby to celebrate their lives. To cherish each of their special moments. To tell their stories in beautiful, timeless ways.” “The artwork in the app, exclusive to Obaby, includes an extensive range of milestones, classic baby sayings, and special moments from pregnancy and adoption, all the way up to age two. The illustrations were made by four well-known, big hearted artists, and express a multitude of special baby moments.” How It Works: Pick a pregnancy or baby photo; crop it; select from among hundreds of illustrations; choose the size, color, and position of the artwork; then save and share. Done. Artwork Categories: The illustrations are divided into 11 categories: dates, doodles, borders, anytime, announcements, pregnancy, labor & birth, adoption, first year, second year, and family & friends. Each category contains between 14-50+ illustrations with the purchase of the app. Additional Artwork: Across all of the categories there are 17 additional artwork packs that can be unlocked for use within Obaby. The packs can be unlocked individually OR everything can be unlocked for a discount around 60%. Examples of these packs include the trouble pack, moody foody pack, firsts pack, belly things pack, and 13 others spanning a huge range of special moments. Pricing: With the purchase of this app you receive 300+ illustrations, with 350+ more available via in- app purchases. We’ve also given you the option of simply unlocking all the artwork for a 40% discount. The ‘Unlock All’ option includes ALL future additions to the app, as well. We highly recommend it. Vote for New Artwork: If someone thinks of an illustration we haven’t provided, within the app he or she can click to suggest and vote on new artwork to be created for Obaby, and get notified when the new artwork has been completed. Safe, Private, Secure: For added security, safety, and privacy, the app removes all location data from photos saved directly from Obaby to your device, even if it was there to begin with. Also, no personally identifiable information is stored through anyone’s use of Obaby. Sharing Options: Optional sharing directly to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, text message, and more.

My Thoughts on Obaby:

I LOVE THIS APP! I truly cannot say enough great things about Obaby, so rather than tell you I would love to show you! Just to give you an idea on how much I love this app…I started this post two hours ago and have spent the majority of it going through old photos and playing on the app! I couldn’t resist not doing so, so I pulled up some of our older pictures from Facebook just to edit them with this app! I love the way they have turned out! Here are some of the photos I’ve edited with Obaby! Personally I like the text to be white, however I did do some pictures with colors to show you how it looks! I really think that you will LOVE the Obaby app as much as I do!

The Obaby App would even make an excellent baby shower gift! For a very limited time Obaby is being offered at really great discounted prices! So hurry to the app store and get your copy while the deals are still going on! 

Connect with Obaby:

Want to check out more of the artwork and options first? Visit the Obaby website! Obaby can also be found on Instagram! You can purchase Obaby and Obaby+ for both the iPhone and the iPad in the Apple App Store.


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