Peter and The Wolf in Hollywood + Free Study Guide

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One of the biggest hurdles when teaching the arts to children is finding a way to make the classics, such as Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, relevant to younger kids. This musical storybook app, narrated by Alice Cooper, accomplishes this beautifully in a way that both parents and kids will love.

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

Set in modern-day Los Angeles, the newly orphaned Peter comes over from Russia to live with his grandpa. Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood begins with the wolf’s escape from the local zoo. To capture the wolf, Peter must build a robot, maneuver his way through a thrilling helicopter chase, and manage some hilarious encounters with several adorably quirky animals. Even though this app has a storyline all its own, it’s still true to the classical music and it makes it fun for kids.

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Peter and The Wolf in Hollywood Musical Storybook App

Available on iPad and iPhone this app is completely handmade, features 50 minutes of original recording including Prokofiev’s original score, and includes 8 interactive games + an additional music learning section included on iPad Deluxe App.

Throughout the story, kids travel through a sculpted, painted, and animated wonderland as they try to save Hollywood from a loose wolf.

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

Music within the app is performed by one of the best youth orchestras in the world – The National Youth Orchestra of Germany, which is also available on CD.

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

The app itself is easy to navigate, letting you be able to start and stop when you want. As an added bonus, teachers can download the study guide which includes lots of wonderful lessons for kids on Peter and the Wolf.

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 Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

An extraordinary adventure, introducing children to classical music, narrated by Alice Cooper. Based on Prokofiev’s beloved classic. Handmade and recorded by top artists. Free to download and try!


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