Rain Cloud in a Jar: A Fun Hands on Learning Experiment!

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Here is an easy to set up science experiment that the kids will love. We have made clouds in a cup in the past, and my kids loved it so much we had to explore a Rain Cloud in a Jar!

Rain Cloud in a Jar: A fun Hands on Science Experiment for Kids

Before making rain clouds in a jar discuss how it rains and what causes rain to form. Review where rain comes from and the process of how rain clouds form. The kids and I Googled a few questions and discussed some of the information we found. We also read a few weather related books (see below).

After getting messy playing with our clouds the girls spent their quiet time playing weather games found in our free websites for kids.

Rain Cloud in a Jar Materials Needed:


Fill the jars or containers you are using 3/4 of the way with water and then top with shaving cream. Allow a few minutes for the shaving cream to fully settle on top of the water.

Items needed to make a rain cloud in a jar

In a couple bowls mix several drops of food coloring with a little bit of water. Add a pipette or two and the experiment can begin.

Have kids fill their pipettes or droppers with colored water and squeeze it onto their cloud.

Inserting the tip of the pipette into the cloud helped the cloud to fill. Have them squeeze more and more colored water into the cloud. As the cloud fills with water it will begin to rain.

Rain Cloud in a Jar watching the food dye coming through shaving cream

Simple and FUN science kids will LOVE!

Rain Cloud in a Jar watching the food dye coming through shaving cream

If you are worried about the mess when it comes to playing with shaving cream (yes it does get messy!) you can set this activity up in the tub or on crafting trays.

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Books about Weather for Young Kids:

Click the affiliated photos to read a description of each book and take a peak inside. These are all available for purchase on Amazon.

The Kids Book of Weather Forecasting Book Scholastic What's the Weather Book What Makes the Seasons Book
The Rain Came Down Book Listen to the Rain Book The Cloud Book


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