Kids in the Kitchen: Rainbow Pudding!

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Rainbow Vanilla Pudding Recipe: Turn your homemade vanilla pudding into something spectacular! This simple pudding recipe is a lot of fun for getting kids in the kitchen!

Rainbow Vanilla Pudding Recipe

With St. Patties day right around the corner we have been having a blast creating various rainbow foods {such as our Rainbow Fruit Pizza}. And the easier the recipe the better! In the past we have used vanilla pudding for taste safe finger paints and so as we were doing this activity the kids gravitated towards some fun learning which was a blast to watch!

Ingredients Needed for Rainbow Vanilla Pudding:

  • Instant Vanilla Pudding
  • Food Dye
  • Zip Lock Baggies

Items Needed for Rainbow Vanilla Pudding

Creating Your Rainbow Vanilla Puddings:

This recipe should literally not take you more than ten minutes to make and should be minimal effort. To create prepare the vanilla pudding as directed on the package. Once firm split evenly into plastic bags.

Adding Vanilla Pudding to Plastic Bags

Add in desired colors of food dye, squeeze out excess air, and seal. Then comes the fun!

Blending Vanilla Pudding and Food Dye

Squeeze and mix your colors together! This is a great opportunity to discuss primary and secondary colors!

Exploring Textures of Homemade Rainbow Vanilla Pudding

Explore the unique texture of the rainbow pudding!

Writing Letters in Homemade Rainbow Vanilla Pudding

Experiment with writing lines, letters, and numbers!

Once fully mixed cut a corner of the zip lock bag off. Start small you can always make a larger cut if the pudding does not come out quick enough. Gently squeeze your rainbow pudding out into the cup layered in the order that you want it. And Viola! Beautiful Rainbow Pudding that is fun to eat!

Rainbow Vanilla Pudding Recipe

It looked so tempting Meatball couldn’t even wait for a spoon!

Homemade Rainbow Vanilla Pudding

And once he got one there was no stopping him!


Playing with your food –does it get much better than that?!

Homemade Rainbow Vanilla Pudding

We hope your kiddos love this as much as our have! And if you give it a try share your pictures with us on instagram!


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