Reading is Fundamental: Free Reading Eggs Trial

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One of the most effective approaches to helping young children develop literacy skills is providing an environment at home that encourages reading and writing. While most research is aimed at literacy rich educational environments the same can be accomplished at home. 

Some of the ways to create a literacy rich environment at home are:

  • Read to your child daily. 
  • Designate an inviting area for reading. 
  • Provide developmentally appropriate books that appeal to your child.
  • Use posters to create developmentally appropriate print at kid level. 
  • Label, label, label…and use pictures on your labels.
  • Spark conversations about new words and environmental print.
  • Provide reading experiences and games in addition to books. 

For families that are looking for ways to provide reading experiences and games for their children Reading Eggs is a research based reading program developed by teachers and educational writers. Their program focuses on core reading curriculum and skills for children ages 3-12. 


Right now Reading Eggs is offering my readers a five-week trial of their program for free! Since Reading Eggs launched in the US and Canada (2011) they have provided more than 15 million lessons to 500,000 readers. 

Some of the things subscribers have had to say: 

“My daughter Emma has struggled in reading and in just a few days working with Reading Eggs she went up an entire level!”  Jennifer Billy

“My son is 4 and learned to read by age 3 using Reading Eggs. He now reads on a 3rd grade level!” Jennifer Hay

Use this five-week free trial to see how reading eggs can help your child!


Sharing is caring!