How to Refurbish Your Old Computer for Your Kids

Give Your Computer a FreshStart

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I have a love-hate relationship with technology.

Being able to sync all of our devices to keep everyone on the same page – love.

Being able to work from home – love.

Being able to easily find solutions for just about any issue that presents itself – love.

But…the frequency in which we go through computers is something I could honestly do without. It seems like every year one of our family members needs a new computer. Batteries die (and then go off the market), hard-drives fry, malware, memory issues…you name it, it happens.

Give Your Computer a FreshStart

Give Your Computer a FreshStart

So this year when my eight-year-old girls came to me needing a computer for school I was well…hesitant. My husband and I are hard enough on our computers, could I really handle handing over a laptop to kids? That’s when my husband had a brilliant idea – why not take one of our old laptops out of the office and see if we could bring it back to life? This would give the kids a computer that they could learn on without us having to make a big investment. Pretty brilliant right? That’s when we found FreshStart.

What is FreshStart?

According to the FreshStart website, FreshStart “begins with the installation of a brand new, high speed hard drive that will make your old computer run like new. The hard drive contains software that will install a new version of Windows and other select software, and will run a full Norton Security virus scan of your PC. We also automatically copy all your data, settings, and favorites to your brand new drive. You now have everything securely back in place and your PC is running faster than when you first bought it!”

Will a FreshStart Work on My Computer?

To be a FreshStart candidate, your computer must meet the following criteria:

-Can power on and boot to Windows
-Must be a laptop or desktop PC
-For Windows 7 users, the license key sticker must be legible to be able to get the free upgrade to Win 10
-Must be less than 10 years old

If your computer meets these specifications, it’s a FreshStart Candidate!

Ready to give it a try? Book a FreshStart Service here or give them a call at 800-625-1134

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