Save Your Sanity While Running Errands with These Tips From a Mom of Five

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I remember like it was yesterday when I held my baby for the first time ever. She was so tiny, so fragile and so perfect… I felt like the luckiest person on Earth until I realized I had never taken care of a newborn before.

Then I started panicking a little.

Save Your Sanity While Running Errands with These Tips From a Mom of Five

I didn’t really know what I was doing at first and I spent countless hours researching every single thing she did. I even googled cooing sounds because I was determined to figure out what my baby was trying to say.

Now that I have more kids and I look back I feel kind of silly remembering how scared I was of her first bath, of anyone touching her, of letting her crawl on a not-so-clean floor and how horrified I felt the first time I found her chewing on someone else’s toys.

But we’ve all been there…

By the time you have the second kid you feel more secure, and even though this kid is most likely the opposite of your first child, you still know how to take care of a baby and what to expect…sort of.

Once you start feeling like you have this mom thing down, you decide to venture out into the real world. Sometimes you feel ready or if you’re like me, you go out because you need to feed your family.

That first outing when you become a mom is a bit terrifying, but we all survive it and feel like heroes afterward.

Now that I have made countless errands with my children I feel like we’ve got a great system down and I have some great tips I want to share with you.

7 tips on how to run errands when you have two or more kids

Buy all of your diapers and wipes online

Diapers and wipes are so heavy and babies go through diapers so fast. You don’t want to be carrying 2 kids out of the store while trying to carry a huge box of diapers!

You can order Luvs diapers at Sam’s club online. The best part is that if you click on the “Save Time With Subscriptions” option, you can choose how frequently you want the diapers delivered. So you won’t even have to remember to order them!

For a limited time, if you get Luvs by shopping at or by using Sam’s Club app (get it for Apple or Android) you get an additional $3 off and free shipping. This means your Luvs diapers will cost you as low as $.11 each for a five-week supply. (This offer is not valid in stores, which is even better because you seriously just want to get these online).

Buy diapers that don’t leak

There is nothing worse than being out and about running errands only to realize your shirt is wet because your baby’s diaper leaked.

Save Your Sanity While Running Errands with These Tips From a Mom of Five

Luvs diapers offer quality leak protection and leg gathers that keep leaks in the diaper, where they belong. Also, don’t forget to bring extra diapers – you never know when your baby will decide to poop more than usual!

Carry your must-haves in a backpack

It is so easy to overpack when you have two or more kids. When I first became a mom of two, my diaper bag was heavier than my baby. It was a nightmare!

Make a backup stash to keep in your car with those essentials that you don’t use every day but that you could possibly need, like extra diapers, a change of clothes for each kid, an extra shirt for you, extra toys, extra snacks for the older kid, diaper balm and extra burp cloths.

Save Your Sanity While Running Errands with These Tips From a Mom of Five

Check out this list to brainstorm the essentials you might need for your diaper bag.

Use your backpack just for the essentials like a couple of diapers and wipes, one change of clothes for baby, a sippy cup for the older child, a bottle if you’re formula feeding, your phone, wallet, and keys.

Order everything you can online

This is what keeps me sane! Going out with more than one child can be overwhelming, especially when you’re sleep deprived, so why run more errands than you have to?

You can order almost everything online, from diapers and clothes to groceries and toys. Always check online first and only when you can’t find it, go to the store. Sam’s Club even offers services like Club Pickup so you can buy everything online and it’s waiting for you when you get to the club. Not having to leave your car with your kids in tow is the next best thing to skipping the stores altogether.

Make a list – always

Mommy brain is real! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone shopping only to forget half of what I wanted to buy.

Save Your Sanity While Running Errands with These Tips From a Mom of Five

Make a list of the errands you have to run and everything you have to get. If you don’t like using paper, use the notes section on your phone. You can even download an app that creates a checklist so you can check-off items while you’re on the go.

Save Your Sanity While Running Errands with These Tips From a Mom of Five

This way you won’t have to worry about forgetting something or you won’t have to stand in the checkout line wondering if you forgot something. You can even skip the checkout line if you shop at Sam’s Club, too.

Bring enough snacks

It doesn’t matter how old your children are and if you just ate lunch with your kids, once you walk out the door someone will be hungry within minutes. There is no such thing as too many snacks.

I used to carry those in my diaper bag but now I use a little lunch box that I stuff with snacks and have my oldest kiddo carry it to the car. If I’m running a quick errand the lunch box stays in the car and I only grab a snack or two but sometimes you will find me shopping with my kids eating out of the lunch box while they’re in the shopping cart.

The trick is to fill it up mostly with items that won’t go bad soon so you don’t have to empty it daily, but also add some fresh foods, like fruits or veggie sticks.

Invest in a baby carrier

Taking care of a baby when you have to chase around another child can be really hard. A baby carrier will be your best friend!

You can wear the baby, put the older kid in a shopping cart or have them walk next to you and it will make running errands so much easier.

Babies love being close to you, plus they can even nap and nurse in a carrier so they’re perfect for a short outing or a long one.

When you’re first juggling life with two kids, it can seem hard and overwhelming, but you get into the groove of things a lot faster than when you had your first child. So hang in there mama, you got this!

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Save Your Sanity While Running Errands with These Tips From a Mom of Five

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