Holiday Felt Busy Tray

My Kids would LOVE to do this Holiday Felt Busy Tray for a Christmas crafts

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I still have so much to do. Please tell me I am not alone…because this to do list is daunting! With a house full of…love…and a million little helpers, reaching that last item on the to do list is going to be quite the challenge. This simple Holiday Felt Busy Tray is a fun way to keep little hands busy (and helping) while giving you a break from the chaos.

My Kids would LOVE to do this Holiday Felt Busy Tray for a Christmas crafts

My kids had a absolute blast with this invitation to create. Each busy tray took me about 15 minutes to throw together (I made two) and held the kids attention long enough for me to get a couple of gifts wrapped and lunch made…what can I say, I am a procrastinator 😉

It was super neat to watch my kids create stories about the little elves that were decorating the tree, work on creating patterns and sorting (color, size, shape). They did counting and experimented with different techniques such as what would happen if they twisted a color strand. But most importantly, they had fun.

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Grinchmas Peppermint Truffles

I cannot wait to try these Grinchmas Peppermint Truffles!

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