Dinosaur Small World Imaginative Play for Kids

Dinosaur Small World Imaginative Play for Kids

Explore dinosaurs through hands on play with this imaginative dinosaur small world! This is fantastic pretend play world is a great way to explore and discuss everything your kids have been learning during your dinosaur thematic unit! When we pulled this dinosaur small world out, my kids squealed with delight. There is just something magical … Read more

Cardboard Dinosaur Craft for Kids

My youngest is absolutely dinosaur crazy right now! These fun Cardboard Dinosaur Crafts are a great way to build dinosaurs for pretend play! My son had an absolute blast making these cardboard dinosaurs. I think his favorite was exploring how to make a cardboard t-rex. It was absolutely amazing to watch his mind go to … Read more

Dinosaurs I Spy Printable

Dinosaur I Spy Printable Game

What’s your little one’s favorite dinosaur? If they love looking through all the different kinds, they’re going to love this Dinosaurs I Spy! It’s created just for your little dinosaur fan. They’ll love playing it over and over again while they learn. The I spy games are a huge hit around our house ever since … Read more

Educational Dinosaur Toys

15 Educational Dinosaur Toys

15 Educational Dinosaur Toys: Do your children love dinosaurs? These educational dinosaur toys will take your kids back 65 million years to an era when dinosaurs ruled the Earth! We promise your budding Paleontologist will LOVE these!

15 Educational Dinosaur Toys
Dinosaur Toys are a fun way to get your child exploring through hands on exploration! For your little one play is one of the most constructive methods of learning. Below are some of our favorite finds!

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