Easter Egg-speriment: Sink or Float Science Project for Kids

Sink or float science experiments are always a favorite amongst kids – and with good reason! They are simple, fun, and provide a hands-on way for kids to explore scientific concepts like buoyancy. And what better way to try out this classic experiment than with plastic Easter eggs? The Easter Egg Sink or Float Science … Read more

Printable Easter Lego Mats for Kids

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How to Make a Crystal Geode

How to Make a Crystal Geode

I remember as a kid my Grandma used to have a bookshelf lined with Geodes. They were absolutely magical to me. Like a key to the land of Dwarves and Fairies (I used to think that was how crystals were made). Recently my kids asked how to make a Crystal Geode. I don’t think I have been this excited for a science experiment in a while. This simple science experiment definitely brought out the kid in me!

How to Make a Crystal Geode

What is a Geode?

A Geode is a hollow sedimentary rock that has beautiful crystals inside. In the Greek language, geode means “shape of the earth”. Geodes are round like earth or oblong like an egg. They are formed over millions of years through exposure to heat and water. It can take hundreds of millions of years for the space inside a geode to be filled. Once a geode which is completely filled with crystals is called a nodule.

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