Geoboard Patterns and Activities for Kids

child playing with a geoboard

Geoboards are one of the most versatile tools in a homeschool mom or teacher’s toolkit. They can be used to teach geometry, arithmetic, and even literacy concepts all while strengthening a child’s fine motor skills. And geoboard patterns and activities are not just for educators! Parents can use geoboards to help kids learn basic math … Read more

Construction Tools Geoboard Pattern Mats

construction geoboard patterns on orange tray

Geoboards are a fantastic tool for strengthening fine motor muscles while exposing young children to beginning geometry skills. Little learners will love the hands on learning they get with these construction tools geoboard mats! Construction Geoboard Printables One of my favorite things about geoboard patterns is that they are a low prep activity that require … Read more

Geoboard Gourd

This geoboard gourd is a fantastic fine motor activity!

Yesterday was a rough shopping day. It took three stores to find the one thing I was looking for…who would have thought that black-lights could be that hard to find this time of year? While out and about Meatball was on his best behavior. Poor little guy was just about falling over exhausted. Since he was so good I let him pick out one item. His choice? A gourd…

Now what was I suppose to do with that?!

Then I remembered seeing this adorable Geo Math Pumpkin over at Fun.A.Day and I knew what we were doing. This Geoboard Gourd activity was a BLAST!

This geoboard gourd is a fantastic fine motor activity!

Earlier this month we had made some teal pumpkins to support FARE’s allergy awareness campaign and the kids ended up using golf tees to poke holes into their pumpkins, which they loved. So I knew this was right up their alley!

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