Taste Safe Pumpkin Play Dough

Kids will LOVE this Taste Safe Pumpkin Play Dough!

It’s common among kids to think playdough is the best thing since sliced bread. They will especially love this taste safe pumpkin playdough recipe! My kids definitely love any kind of playdough that comes their way. It’s squishy, it feels cool in their hands, and they can mold it into anything they want! It’s so … Read more

Spelling with Playdough

Spelling with Play Dough is a fun way to help kids grasp the spelling of words easier.

Using playdough to spell is a great way to help your child gain a deeper understanding of the way words work through hands-on explorations, sorting words, and identifying patterns. Not only Play Dough Spelling a fun activity that your kids will love, it will also take learning and their ability to retain what they are … Read more