Printable 2 Piece Animal Puzzle for Preschoolers

These fun printable animal pattern matching 2-piece puzzles are sure to be loved by your kids! These simple problem solving puzzles are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. With this printable packet, little learners will match pieces of a close up, real life photo of the animal’s skin to a clip art picture of the … Read more

Zoo Playdough Mats

zoo playdough mats

If your children love animals, these zoo playdough mats are a great activity for them. They promote a number of learning concepts necessary for pre-k and kindergarten. There are so many ways to play while learning with this bundle, your students will NEVER get bored! Our zoo playdough mats work as the perfect supplement for … Read more

Printable Zoo STEM Challenge Cards

Looking for a STEM activity that can be done with your kids at home or in the classroom? These printable Zoo STEM Challenge Cards are perfect! Each card features a different zoo-themed challenge, along with space to plan and record your build. What Are STEM Activities? STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and … Read more

Unplugged Coding Zoo Animal Block Code Pathways for Kids

Welcome to the Unplugged Coding Zoo! In this unplugged coding game, kids will mix animal brain breaks with block code concepts to create fun and educational block code pathways for them to act out while executing their code! Zoo Animal Block Code Pathways Printable This unplugged coding activity uses paper squares to represent code blocks. … Read more