The Ten Best Cheap Date Ideas Ever

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It’s important for couples to spend time together. We all need time away from children, work, and other responsibilities. Spending time together helps us remember why we wanted to be together in the first place. Going on dates can be expensive. If you use your imagination you can come up with all kinds of cheap date ideas that are fun. The sky’s the limit! Here are ten ideas that I came up with for fun and cheap dates.
cheap date ideas

1. Volunteer together: Try helping out in a soup kitchen or helping in a hospital. You will get to see each other in a whole different way and you will be helping others!

2. Go to Barnes and Nobles or some other bookstore: Before you purchase the coffee browse around the bookstore looking for a book that you think your date would enjoy. Buy the books (optional) and discuss why you chose the items you did while sipping on some delicious coffee!

3. Fix dinner from another country: This is an unique cheap date. Pick a country that both of you like. Research ahead of time the kinds of foods that people eat from that country. The two of you can go shopping together for the ingredients. You could also find some music on Pandora or other music sites with songs from that culture.

4. Go to a restaurant just for dessert: My husband and I do this every week while our kids are at youth group. You get the ambiance of a nice restaurant without the high cost!

cheap date ideas

5. Have Fondue: This was popular in the 70’s. It has made a comeback though with restaurants like the Melting Pot. These can be very expensive though. If you don’t have a fondue pot see if you can borrow one. You could always use a small Crockpot and wooden kebab sticks. Serve things like strawberries, pineapple and marshmallows. Everything tastes good in chocolate! You could also have cheese fondue and have bread cubes and meat to dip.

6. Play board games: This is something I loved to do as a child, but don’t make much time to do now that I’m an adult. Get some of the classic board games out you loved as a child such as checkers, Uno, or Clue. Gather some great snacks and you have an evening of fun for very little money.

7. Go on a hike and take a camera with you: You could do this in warm weather or cold. If you don’t own a camera use a disposable or your phone. Each of you can take pictures of something that speaks to you. When you’re done with your hike get your pictures printed. Put them in a scrapbook or find a pretty frame to put one in as a memento of your time spent together.

cheap date ideas

8. Birthday bash: Did you know there are all kinds of free birthday items you can get? Print out your coupons ahead of time and put them in an envelope. Start out with an appetizer at one restaurant then go to others for a main course and dessert. You’ll have to pay for your dates food, but it will still be a cheaper date than buying for two.

9. Go on a scavenger hunt: You can use pretty paper hearts with messages on them. Let your imagination run wild. Here is an idea of a scavenger hunt for a married couple. Here are some more great ideas that have a theme no matter how long you’ve been together.

10. Have a movie marathon: Rent some of your favorite movies. Make sure to pick some for both your tastes. Your date’s picks can introduce you to a whole new genre of movies! Put together a basket with microwave popcorn and some snacks and your ready for a great evening!


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