Why This Not So Little Family Loves Cracker Barrel

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cracker Barrel for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine
All anyone ever wants is to fit in right? When one has a not so little family this can be difficult in some places I have to admit. It can be a special kind of disappointing when trying to eat out to go places that can’t accommodate us all comfortably. Worse are the places that seem to go out of their way to not be child friendly by not having baby seats or kids menus worth ordering off of. Add to this 5 children and lots of travel around our beautiful country and it can be disheartening at times. There is however a ray of beautiful light for us, Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel makes my family feel welcomed, it is a restaurant we fit in at wonderfully.

While our family has been growing and traveling the country these last 17 years the Cracker Barrel company has been around far longer. The first one was opened September 19th, 1969 and since grown to have over 600 locations now in 42 states. Many of those states my family has traveled through or lived in. I remember our first one, in El Paso TX. Even though I was a mother already then when I entered their shop area I felt like I was a child again. I was so enchanted by their toys, candy, and home goods. There were things we needed and things I just flat out wanted. I found my husband quickly agreed, as did our oldest daughter and her tiny brother at the time. The food felt like home to my husband and I and this mattered a great deal as though I could cook, it isn’t a passion of mine. It was lovely to have down to earth meals that tasted like home and yet I didn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, the second best part was the great price. Between the food, the environment, and the price we found ourselves eating there every Sunday afternoon. Soon we had friends meeting us there to eat on Sundays too. We were 2,000 miles from home having moved were the military told us to and yet we had a taste of home. Cracker Barrel helped make a place so different than our home feel like we belonged. I couldn’t have asked for more from a restaurant. 

As our family grew and we moved from state to state following my husband as he fulfilled his duty to our nation I knew we could stop at a Cracker Barrel and feed our own little troops and not brake the bank. They can eat quality yummy food and I never have to worry about them being kids. Cracker Barrel gets that kids are kids. Even when my husband and I don’t have our children with us though we enjoy going. We specially like going on dates around the holidays as it is so nice to shop late in the evening in the country store part of the restaurant without little ones showing us all the amazing things they just must have. The shop helps us play Santa and it really is just so much fun to shop in. The food is always quick too. My husband and I hardly have time to race one another on the triangle peg games. If there was one dish I would say I order for myself the most it would have to be the meatloaf. My Husband normally orders some kind of fish, it never disappoints. Of course a time honored side is the baked apples. 

This holiday season I know my husband is going to remember that Cracker Barrel has fantastic gifts including ones that celebrate chickens. I kid you not, I and my sister and mother a few states way now all have really fallen in love with country life and have flocks of chickens that we adore. One can’t go wrong with chicken themed gifts for us!

The Cracker Barrel’s Retail Store also currently has a beloved theme my Grand mother adored, so of course I now want a few of new Owl pieces.

Cracker Barrel knows what we love, shop products there for us! Everything is always fun at Cracker Barrel, be it a lunch with the whole big family or a perfectly timed meal with my husband before a movie. Cracker Barrel is a home away from home and food that is everything it should be in our great country.

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