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Chaos is a part of life, a part of parenting.

For the longest time, we sought to parent without the chaos, to demand order and structure from life. But, life is not designed to be predictable. It is not designed to follow the same patterns day after day.


Life is challenging. Parenting is challenging. There is no guidebook or one size fits all when it comes to this journey.

So, we have chosen to embrace the chaos. To take the challenges and struggles and accept them…to celebrate them. To make the most out of every moment. And most importantly, to remember to play and have fun along the way.

We believe that play is the center of it all. Through play, our children will learn and grow. That our families will be stronger because of it.

Here at Parenting Chaos you will find our stories of struggle, our challenges we strive to overcome, and our moments of embracing our children through play. Here you will find ideas meant to inspire you, simplify your life, and let you know that you are not alone no matter where you are on your parenting journey.

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Sharing is caring!