Discovery Bottles for Sensory Play

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Create some fun, engaging discovery bottles for your babies and toddlers by using recycled and everyday materials from around the house! These are cheap to make, long lasting, and can easily be adapted to create exciting and intriguing sensory play experiences for your little ones.

What are Sensory Bottles?

Sensory bottles go by many different names – calm down jars, discovery bottles, sensory jars, and so much more. But, no matter the name, the concept is the same. 

Sensory bottles are containers that are filled with materials for kids to explore without all the mess that is usually associated with sensory play. 

Why are Sensory Bottles Important?

Sensory play is extrememly important in helping kids safely explore their environments.It is a fun way to engage your child in hands on play! 

In addition to the obvious sensory element, discovery bottles also expose children to a wide array of concepts and skills.

Some examples of concepts and skills explored when using sensory bottles are:

Developmental Skills:

Social: problem solving, sharing, communicating

Math: matching, shapes, counting, position, measurements

Language: expressive and receptive langauge, following directions, vocabulary development

Calm down jars also encourage children to use their fine motor skills. And, since they are so easily modified you could easily adapt a sensory bottle to meet your child’s specific needs.

Items Needed to Make a Sensory Bottle

When it comes to making a sensory bottle, there are two main products that they all have in common; a sturdy plastic bottle with a wide mouth and super glue.

In the past we have tried out a couple different types of wide mouthed plastic bottles and these have been our favorite by far.

As for what you include inside your sensory bottle – it can be anything you desire!

Below you will find directions for some of our favorites that we have done here!

DIY Sensory Bottles

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