Jingle Bell Magnetic Sensory Bottle

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Earlier this week we all snuggled in to read one of my favorite Christmas books – The Polar Express. As we reached the last pages, my kids were bursting in excitement begging to make their own Belive Bells. So we gathered our supplies and set on with our task.

My youngest, though, quickly became vocal about being left out from our Belive Bell craft. With him still putting absolutely everything into his mouth small jingle bells were off limits. This Jingle Bell Sensory Bottle was our solution to allowing him in on some of the fun 🙂

Jingle Bell Sensory Bottle

We had originally picked up these bottles to make snowglobes, but I have fallen in love with just how perfectly they work for discovery bottles. Their hard heavy plastic held up to my little man throwing his jingle bell sensory bottle around like a ball, it was the perfect size for his little hands, and it even came with a water seal (which I fully plan to utilize in future sensory bottles).

How to Make a Jingle Bell Sensory Bottle

Items Used:

  • Plastic Snow Globe
  • Jingle Bells
  • Magnetic Wand

DIY SnowdomeDIY SnowdomeHoliday Colored Jingle BellsHoliday Colored Jingle BellsMagnetic WandsMagnetic Wands


Making this was ridiculously easy. We literally just cut open the bag of jingle bells, put them in the bottle, and then screwed the cap on tight. For awhile my little man ran around ringing the bells, watching the light cause the bells to glitter, even kicking his sensory bottle occasionally like a ball. Then we handed him the magnetic wand and everything came to a stop.

Jingle Bell Sensory Bottle

To watch his mind work as he experimented with magnetism was so fun. He played around with how many he could grab at once, attempted to group colors, and experimented with how far around the globe he could move each jingle bell.

Jingle Bell Sensory Bottle

It didn’t take long for the older kids to stop what they were doing to join in play too!

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Jingle Bell Sensory Bottle

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