Fun and Interactive Printable Play Dough Mats for Kids

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Do you have little ones who love playdough? If so, we’ve got the perfect printable play dough mats for kids! These mats are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, pre-k aged kids, and kindergarteners. They are a great way to practice counting, letter recognition, and more. Plus, they are just plain fun!

To use these playdough mats, simply print them out, give your child some play dough, and let them play! Hands on learning fun for the win!

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What is the Best Way to Store Playdough and Playdough Mats?

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We recommend storing playdough and playdough mats in an airtight container. This will help keep the playdough fresh and prevent it from drying out. We also recommend using a laminator to laminate the playdough mats or using write and wipe pockets during play. This will make them more durable and extend their lifespan. Our favorite tools for playdough storage are:

Materials Needed to Create a Play Doh Mats Home Resource Library:

Best Homemade Playdough Recipes:

If you are looking for the best playdough recipe to use with your playdough mats, we’ve got you covered! We have tested and tried many play dough recipes and these are our favorites.

What are the Benefits of Play Dough?

Play dough is a great way to encourage fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination. It is also a great sensory play activity for kids of all ages. You can read all about the developmental benefits and sensory benefits of playdough here. Playdough mats truly are a fantastic tool to have in your homeschool or classroom.

In the list of playdough mats below, you’ll find several ways to teach various skills to your child. The following are examples of some of the skills worked on in a fun way using these playdough mats:

  • Literacy skills such as:
    • alphabet knowledge
    • letter recognition
    • letter sounds
    • Uppercase and lowercase Letter formation
    • sight words
  • Math skills such as:
    • counting
    • one-to-one correspondence
    • number recognition
    • number formation
    • number word writing
    • shapes
  • Science skills such as:
    • communicating
    • observing
    • predicting
    • sorting and classifying

And so much more!

Tips for Making Play Dough Mats a Fun Learning Activity for Kids

Here are some tips for parents and educators to make the most out of play dough mats:

Encourage children to use their imaginations and creativity:

  • Play dough mats provide a great opportunity for children to unleash their imagination and creativity. Encourage children to come up with their own ideas and designs, rather than just following the outlines on the mats.

Use play dough mats as a social activity:

  • Play dough mats can be used as a social activity for children to engage with each other and share their ideas. Encourage children to work together to create a shared design or challenge them to create individual designs and share with the group.

Model different ideas and techniques for using the play dough:

  • Show children different ways to use the play dough, such as rolling it into balls, flattening it with a rolling pin, or making long ropes to shape into different objects. Modeling different techniques can help children explore different ways to use the play dough and encourage their creativity.

Provide a variety of play dough mats:

  • Provide a variety of play dough mats, such as alphabet, number, shape, animal, food, nature, and vehicle mats, to keep children engaged and interested in the activity.

Use play dough mats as a sensory tool:

  • Play dough is a great sensory tool that can help children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Encourage children to touch and manipulate the play dough as they create shapes and objects on the mats.

What Can You Add to Playdough to Make It More Fun?

Playdough mats of course! Some of favorite playdough toys to use with play dough mats are:

Fake FlowersCookie CuttersMini Erasers
Pipe CleanersBeadsButtons
StrainerBlocksTooth Picks
Mr. Potato Head PiecesQ-TipsComb
Plastic AnimalsStrawsCups/Bowls
Garlic MasherKids SilverwareWine Corks
Bottle TopsShellsTwigs/Stones
Googly EyesPom PomsPine Cones
LegosMelon BallerMatchbox Cars
StampsKid Safe ScissorsDough Rolling Pins
Plastic EggsPlastic GemsCake Candles

Printable Play Dough Mats

These printable play dough mats are a great way to keep your kids entertained and engaged!

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