Printable Alphabet Road Letters

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If you’re a parent who’s been looking for a fun way to help your child learn their alphabet, you’ll love these printable Alphabet Road Letters. This activity is perfect for kids of all ages and can be tailored to fit your child. These mats are fantastic for working on letter recognition, letter formation, and fine motor skills!

In the past, we have built an alphabet road construction kit out of cardboard boxes that allowed kids to physically build their ABC’s before driving their vehicles around the letters. We have heard back from quite a few of you that you wanted a letter tracing printable option and now it is FINALLY available!

How Can I Help My Child Learn the Alphabet?

One of the best ways to help your child learn the alphabet is to make it a part of your daily routine. If you make learning the alphabet fun and interactive, your child will be more likely to retain what they’re learning. And don’t worry if it takes a little time – every child learns at their own pace. The most important things you can do for your child as a parent are:

  • Read to your child frequently, and discuss the letter sounds and names they are seeing/hearing.
  • Experience the alphabet through songs, stories, and everyday activities.
  • Create art with letters and words.
  • Get active and learn new vocabulary with fun alphabet games.
  • Build a resource library of alphabet printables that reinforce learning through play.

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Materials Needed for the Alphabet Road Mats

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Looking for a playdough recipe to use with these alphabet roads? Find our two favorite playdough recipes below!

How to Use the Alphabet Road Letter Mats

Download the pdf and print out the road letters you want to use. You can print out individual lowercase or uppercase letters or the full pack. If your child is just starting to explore letters, we would recommend starting with the lowercase letters in their name.

If you are laminating these alphabet road playdough mats you could even create an alphabet book by putting all of the letters into a binder.

Set up your activity with a small car, playdough, dry erase marker, and any other manipulative that will give your child fine motor practice such as a set of letters or playdough tools.

Then play! Kids can build “dirt” roads with playdough and then have their cars drive through it! As your child drives their car around the road have their car make the letter sound! For example, for letter V they would drive the car around while saying “vvvvvv”.

You can use dry erase markers to have children trace their letters and then add pom poms to their cars to clean their roads! There are so many different ways kids can play independently or in a small group!

What’s Included in the Road Letters Printable?

These printable mats are fantastic for letter formation practice, letter identification, and even letter sounds this way while using the Letter Road mats. 

This bundle includes 52 full color alphabet roads – the perfect addition for your letter center!

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