I Spy Games for Kids

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Do your kids love I Spy Games? Then you have landed in the right spot! Below you will find all the printable I Spy Worksheets that we have available for kids on site!

What Do I Spy Games Teach?

Children are truly amazing little sponges – they listen, observe, and then do. They soak up everything around them and learn at an incredible rate. When you decide to tap into their interests, you will see amazing results. They learn so much and have lots of fun while they do. You’ll be surprised what can happen when children learn through play.  

Literacy Benefits of I-Spy:  

Complex Vocab and Syntax
  • Beginning concepts of more/less, most/least, equal, etc.
  • Size Words
  • Child led questions and discussion
Environmental Print
  • Identifying photos as correlating to written words.
  • Collecting objects from an illustrated list.
  • Labeling
  • Invented phonetic spelling
  • Beginning Word Sounds
  • Drawing and use of a circle (or | if using tally marks)
Mathematical Benefits of I-Spy:  

Reasoning and Number Sense:
  • Sorting and Classifying Objects
  • Shapes and Sizes
  • Quantifying Objects (more/less)
  • Counting
  • Comparing Written Numerals
Visual Benefits of I-Spy:
  • Visual Discrimination (ability to attend to detail)
  • Visual Tracking (eye movement and coordination)

I Spy Printables for Kids

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