Printable Fire Safety I Spy Games for Kids

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My rambunctious three year old and curious six year old are all about everything fire trucks right now. The other day after visiting the fire station we headed home and had fun with this Fire Safety Printable I Spy Game!

Printable Fire Safety I Spy Game for Kids

October is fire prevention month. Fire safety is an important topic to discuss with young kids. Over the next month we will be sharing some fun books, printables, and activities to help you introduce fire safety topics to your preschool and kindergarten students.

Fire Safety I Spy Game for Kids

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Supplies Needed:


1. Print off the Fire Truck I-Spy Game.

2. Spend some time exploring the sheet with your child identifying what each object is. What makes the objects different? What function does the object have?

3. Let children find, circle, count, tally, and fill in the tens frame on their I-Spy worksheets.

End the activity with a fun book about fire trucks! We love the story Firehouse! as it does a beautiful job of illustrating and focusing on the community. My kids absolutely adore the zany tactics of Edward and Judy – I am positive yours will too!

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Printable Fire Safety I Spy Game for Kids

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