Printable Outer Space I Spy Game for Kids

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We absolutely love I Spy games around here. This week we made a fun Outer Space I Spy Game for Kids. My kids had a blast playing this game – we hope your’s will too!

Outer Space I Spy Game for Kids

Outer Space I Spy Printable Game for Kids

I Spy Games are a fantastic way to work on a variety of different skills with your child. From literacy to math you can do quite a bit while playing! For us though, I Spy Games are a great way to challenge my kids visual perception skills – which is a very big struggle area for us.

How Does an I Spy Game Challenge a Child’s Visual Perception Skills?

A child’s visual perceptual skills play an important role in helping the child complete an array of every day tasks such as reading, writing, completing math problems, getting dressed (and actually matching), and finding that “lost’ object that is right next to their feet.

Visual perception is composed of a bunch of building block skills, most of which are challenged during an I Spy Game. They are:

Visual Attention: The ability to focus on important detail without being distracted by unimportant details in the background.

Visual Discrimination: The ability to determine differences or similarities of an object based on colors, size, shapes, etc.

Visual Memory: The ability to recall visual traits of an item.

Visual Figure-Ground: The ability to recognize and find something among a busy background.

Visual Form Constancy: The ability to know what is the same, even if it has been made smaller, larger, or has been flipped around.

As you can see – visual perception skills are pretty important! And an I Spy Game is a FUN way to work on building those skills!

How to Play This Solar System I Spy Game

Below you will find a link that will lead you to the printable. Included in the packet is the I Spy Game, an adapted Solar System I Spy book to simplify play, and flash cards with phonics dots to provide a bigger picture to help children focus on what they are searching for.

We have included tens frames as well as a blank space so that your child can play this game at a variety of different math levels.

Grab your Outer Space I Spy Game Printable here.

Also we have now created a Boom Cards™ version of this game! Check out the video below to see it in action 🙂

You can snag the Solar System Flashlight Digital Task Cards here.

Not printing this Solar System I Spy Game off right this second? Then pin this post so you can easily find it later!

Outer Space Printable I Spy Game

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