Vegetables I Spy Printable

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If teaching your child all about vegetables seems to be a theme in your house lately, you’re going to love this vegetables I spy game. It’s a fun and educational activity that they’re going to love! I Spy games help kids learn and play at the same time. You’ll be able to watch them enjoy learning and practicing their math, literacy, and visual skills!

Vegetable I Spy Printable Game

Printable Vegetable I Spy Game

All of our kids go wild for these I spy games. I’m always having someone asking about when I’m going to pull out another I spy to play. They get so excited to play these and even more so when I decide to introduce a new game to them.

I am particularly in love with this vegetable I spy game. When I pulled this printable packet out to play with my kids it opened up a huge dialogue about the different types of vegetables. My son even remembered some of the veggies the next time we ran to the store and asked to try them!

These games get played quite frequently around here. I can only imagine how much paper I’d go through if I didn’t laminate each one. This allows us to play them over and over without needing to print them again. We just bring them out, play, and wash them off when we’re done playing.

What do I spy games teach?

Children are truly amazing little sponges – they listen, observe, and then do. They soak up everything around them and learn at an incredible rate. When you decide to tap into their interests, you will see amazing results. They learn so much and have lots of fun while they do. You’ll be surprised what can happen when children learn through play.

Literacy Benefits of I-Spy:

Complex Vocab and Syntax

  • Beginning concepts of more/less, most/least, equal, etc.
  • Size Words
  • Child led questions and discussion

Environmental Print

  • Identifying photos as correlating to written words.
  • Collecting objects from an illustrated list.
  • Labeling
  • Invented phonetic spelling
  • Beginning Word Sounds
  • Drawing and use of a circle (or | if using tally marks)

Mathematical Benefits of I-Spy:

Reasoning and Number Sense:

  • Sorting and Classifying Objects
  • Shapes and Sizes
  • Quantifying Objects (more/less)
  • Counting
  • Comparing Written Numerals

Visual Benefits of I-Spy:

  • Visual Discrimination (ability to attend to detail)
  • Visual Tracking (eye movement and coordination)

How to Play Vegetables I Spy

Items you may need:

 Thermal Laminating Pouches Thermal Laminator Low Odor Dry Erase Markers


Before you begin to play, make sure the printables are laminated. If you don’t have one at home, you can purchase a laminator on Amazon using the link I’ve provided above. (make sure you sign up for prime and get free 2-day shipping!) This will allow you to play the game repeatedly without throwing them away and reprinting them each time. All you have to do is play and wipe them clean so they’re ready for the next time you play!

Now it’s time to begin! Warm your children up with a good book related to the game you’re playing. We decided to read Buddy loves vegetables since it talks all about our veggies! The kids will read, point at the pictures, and talk about the story while I run around gathering supplies preparing to play.

Once we’re done reading and have everything ready, it’s time to pull out our printables and start to play. For a few minutes, we just point at pictures and talk about how they’re alike and different. Then, the kids will circle the different pictures and write down numbers in order to categorize each one. If they’d like, they can use the counting sheet instead. Together, we’ll go down the list and find the corresponding pictures and count how many there are before tallying them up on the counting sheet. We’ll go down the list until we reach the last one.

Grab your Veggie I Spy Game here.

If you aren’t printing this printable off right this second, pin this post so you can easily find it later!

Vegetable I Spy Printable Game

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