Emoji I Spy Printable

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My girls LOVE everything emojis…and unicorns…and rainbow poop…

Whoever thought rainbow poop would be trendy? 🙄

Today’s Emoji I Spy Game was inspired by their love of all things emoji – and yes it even includes the poop emoji! 🤣

Emoji I Spy Printable Game

Emoji I Spy Printable Game

In this printable I Spy packet, kids are encouraged to work on their visual perception skills. A lot like our Halloween Pumpkin I Spy, this particular packet offers an additional challenge that requires kids to look closer at the details to differentiate the different emotions.

This is a fantastic I Spy challenge if you have a child that is also working on learning their emotions!

How Does an I Spy Game Challenge a Child’s Visual Perception Skills?

A child’s visual perceptual skills play an important role in helping the child complete an array of every day tasks such as reading, writing, completing math problems, getting dressed (and actually matching), and finding that “lost’ object that is right next to their feet.

Visual perception is composed of a bunch of building block skills, most of which are challenged during an I Spy Game. They are:

  • Visual Attention: The ability to focus on important detail without being distracted by unimportant details in the background.
  • Visual Discrimination: The ability to determine differences or similarities of an object based on colors, size, shapes, etc.
  • Visual Memory: The ability to recall visual traits of an item.
  • Visual Figure-Ground: The ability to recognize and find something among a busy background.
  • Visual Form Constancy: The ability to know what is the same, even if it has been made smaller, larger, or has been flipped around.

How to Play this Emoji I Spy?

In addition to working on your child’s visual perception skills, this I Spy packet also offers your child a chance to work on their math skills!

As your child completes the worksheet, have them fill in the tens frame. After all the emojis have been found count up the tens frames and tally!

You could even add a manipulative to this packet and have your child fill in their tens frame using mini emoji erasers!

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Grab your Emoji I Spy Game here.

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Emoji I Spy Printable Game

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