Free Thanksgiving I Spy Printable

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With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s time to get kids into fun activities for the holiday. They’re going to love this Thanksgiving I Spy Printable!

Free Thanksgiving I-Spy Printable Game for Kids

Whether you are traveling for the holidays or staying home with family, this free game of I-Spy will be perfect for entertaining your child. I-Spy games are currently my daughter’s favorite and while they are a lot of fun, they are also an extremely easy way to sneak in some learning for your child!

What Do I-Spy Games Teach?

Kids learn by listening, observing, and doing – by exploring their environments through their senses. Sensory play is huge in our home, and this is why. By tapping into your child’s interest through play they will learn =)

Literacy Benefits of I-Spy:

Complex Vocab and Syntax

  • Beginning concepts of more/less, most/least, equal, etc.
  • Size Words
  • Child led questions and discussion

Environmental Print

  • Identifying photos as correlating to written words.
  • Collecting objects from an illustrated list.
  • Labeling
  • Invented phonetic spelling
  • Beginning Word Sounds

Fine Motor

  • Drawing and use of a circle (or | if using tally marks)

Mathematical Benefits of I-Spy:

Reasoning and Number Sense:

  • Sorting and Classifying Objects
  • Shapes and Sizes
  • Quantifying Objects (more/less)
  • Counting
  • Comparing Written Numerals

Visual Benefits of I-Spy:

  • Visual Discrimination (ability to attend to detail)
  • Visual Tracking (eye movement and coordination)

How to Play Thanksgiving I-Spy:

Items Needed:

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We paired our I-Spy game with a book that we absolutely adored. My kids had a blast talking about everything they were thankful for as I gathered everything needed for our game of I-Spy.

Free Thanksgiving I-Spy Printable Game for Kids

Then we pulled out our Thanksgiving I-Spy printable and had a blast taking turns and playing together to find all the objects. We talked about the differences in each object including the ones of the same groupings. My daughter labeled hers with numbers while my son circled all of his and worked on his tally marks. It was fun had all around!

If you’re looking for a fun Thanksgiving activity full of turkeys, learning, and fun, this is perfect for you! Your kids will absolutely love this Thanksgiving I Spy Printable like mine do.

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Free Thanksgiving I-Spy Printable Game for Kids

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