Alphabet Pattern Block Printable Task Cards

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Print and play with these simple Alphabet Pattern Block Letters. These are fantastic task cards for early learners that work on letter formation, beginning sounds, and shape recognition.

Alphabet Pattern Block Letter Task Cards

We have had so much fun with these pattern block letters. This packet includes both full color print and B&W pages. They can either be cut out and laminated for a pencil box sized task card (perfect for centers) or have the entire page slid into a dry erase pocket to work on capital and lower case letter side by side.

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Items Needed for This ABC Pattern Blocks Printable

This packet is mostly print and play, however you will need to grab some items to do a brief prep.

Supplies Needed:

Then simply print, prep, and play!

How to Play with the Alphabet Pattern Block Letters Printable

These ABC Pattern Block Cards contain 52 task cards (26 printed sheets). The task cards can be used as worksheets, center activities, or take-home handouts. You can also find a free sample here.

Each task card contains three sections that helps children recognize beginning sounds, the structure of each letter, the shapes involved in building, and works on strengthening fine motor skills. The task cards include the following:

  • Beginning Sound Circles: each task card includes three circles that have a beginning sound photo. Children can review the objects pictured, say the name of the objects, and practice the sound that is associated with the focus letter.
  • Build the Letter: on each task card is one uppercase or lowercase alphabet pattern block template. Children can build their letters either on the task cards or off to the side and use the templates as a reference.
  • Find the Shapes: In this section children identify the shapes they have used to build their pattern block letters. They can color them in or you can up the challenge by having children count how many of each shape they used.

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